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3D Pool Ball MOD APK v2.2.3.8 (Long Lines)

3D Pool Ball MOD APK v2.2.3.8 (Long Lines)

Updated: 26-10-2022 (2 years ago)
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3D Pool Ball MOD APK will satisfy passionate players with online billiard shooting. If you also love games of this genre, quickly download this 3D Pool Ball MOD APK game to play immediately.

About 3D Pool Ball MOD APK

3D Pool Ball MOD APK

If you have never heard of Billiards, then when you first start playing, you will find this game very difficult to master. However, just be patient for a while, I believe you will master them quickly. Originating in France in the 14th century, Billiards is a sport that emphasizes the artistry as well as the sophistication of the athlete.

Diverse game modes

In terms of billiards games on mobile phones, 3D Pool Ball can be seen as the game that is considered to have the richest game modes. When participating in 3D Pool Ball, your number of choices is up to 18 different ways to play. You can choose to participate in a series of competitions for real practice and great rewards, or compete for 1 vs 1 online to see who is the better player, or if you are not confident with your level. You can choose to train yourself online… Each game mode has its own special points, taking you from one surprise to another.

In addition, you can also set the match level from easy, medium to difficult to suit your playing ability.

3D Pool Ball MOD APK Download

Strategy is an extremely important thing in Pool. You will be the one to directly decide the moves, and with just a little mistake, your strategy will fail. Therefore, Billiards is extremely careful about careful calculation, accurately calculating the force, direction of the ball, and the number of passes to be able to put the ball into the hole fastest. It can be said that strategy is the measure of a player’s level in 3D Pool Ball.

Many items to support players

Not only focusing on thrilling Pool matches, but 3D Pool Ball also provides players with a treasure trove of colorful items, allowing players to freely choose. There are more than 100 different billiards cues. 3D Pool Ball also allows you to customize the Mechanical and Table selection features. A game will be more special when you change the color patterns and textures on the Pool table. If you don’t believe it, you can try!

Lessons from experience

3D Pool Ball will be a great choice for those who are passionate about and first exposed to Billiards. If you play Billiards in real life, you will have to bear the gazes of professional players. This will affect the way you practice, especially new players who are often pressured. But when it comes to 3D Pool Ball, you don’t need to worry about being scrutinized anymore.

3D Pool Ball MOD APK for ANdroid

Why do I say 3D Pool Ball is a great choice for beginners? Besides what I just said above, 3D Pool Ball has another great feature that is very suitable for newbies. That is the feature that displays the ball line corresponding to the aiming position. When you are new to this sport or not used to playing on your phone, thanks to this feature, you will shorten the time to get used to it, even though that you can know more interesting shots taste better. And once you’ve mastered it, you can turn this feature off and challenge yourself and show your level.

Many attractive minigames

Not only has many attractive game modes, but 3D Pool Ball also gives players many fun side quests. Complete daily quests, play wheel of fortune, participate in national and world leaderboards, clash with big players. Not only bring moments of fun, but these tasks also come with the reward of equally interesting accessories.

Great graphics

True to its name – 3D Pool Ball, the graphics in this game are considered extremely sharp and realistic. 3D Pool Ball gives you the feeling that you are at a real-life Pool table. With a first-person perspective that can be varied at the player’s discretion or automatically, allowing you to see the pool table in the most comprehensive way. Not only beautiful graphics but also very impressive physics. I’m sure you can’t find it anywhere else but 3D Pool Ball has extremely smooth and fluid ball movements.

3D Pool Ball MOD APK

With interesting features and beautiful graphics, good 3D physics simulation. There is very little to say about 3D Pool Ball. If you are passionate about this sport, especially playing on mobile phones, you should not miss 3D Pool Ball.

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