Billiards game is probably no stranger to most gamers. When the technology has not developed strongly, billiards games are available on java phones, Windows XP operating system computers, etc. Up to the present time, although there are many games with top-notch graphics and more attractive gameplay, 8 Ball Pool MOD APK still retains its own position.

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8 Ball Pool MOD APK

If you are not persistent enough to level up, Pool Coins in the original but want to experience new equipment, new content, then please experience our MOD version.

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  • Long Lines
8 Ball Pool MOD APK

8 Ball Pool is the number one billiards game in the world today. I am absolutely not exaggerating, as it has 500 million downloads on the Google Play platform alone. That is only a number on a single platform, if you count all of it, it will definitely be 2 to 3 times larger. All things related to billiards are mentioned in this game. In addition, you can also play with friends, invite your loved ones to have fun and relax with them after hard working days.

It’s very interesting, isn’t it, let’s find out more about this game in the article below!

Stressful matches

Like modern games, 8 Ball Pool also has a tense ranking mode. There are two rating game modes 1vs1 and a tournament between 8 people.

1vs1 mode

Each player has a rating point that measures their places in the game. The higher the score, the better the person’s level. When participating in a 1vs1 match, the system will automatically pair you with someone with the same rating. As a result, you will be fighting opponents who are strong, neither too weak nor too strong. And matches like that all promise to be a very exciting, tense battle.

8 Ball Pool MOD APK

Every time you win, your achievements will be added a few points depending on your excellence in the match. And vice versa, if you lose, your rank will be deducted. Based on your achievements in the season, the system will send you different gifts. Gain experience and become one of the top 8 Ball Pool players!

8-person tournament mode

The 8 player tournament is a longer battle when you are not fighting 1vs1 anymore but have to play with the other 7 people. Winning all through each round to be recognized as the winner. However, in this tournament there isn’t any damage to your performance points whether you win or lose so it’s also easier to breathe. Although when you lose, the rewards you get are not significant, this is the place to practice to improve your best level.

Method of calculating the reward

Unlike other sports games, when you win, you get a reward and lose nothing. With an 8 Ball Pool, your reward is up to you. Before each match, you are allowed to choose your bet level. If you win, your entire stakes are in your pocket. It sounds like betting right, but it is the factor that helps to boost players’ morale. Since then, it creates an extremely fierce competition in the ranking match.

Equipment upgrades

8 Ball Pool MOD APK

The game currency is Pool Coins, which you win after each win. Once you have enough money, you can use it for many different purposes. From increasing stakes, participating in high-level matches, to equipment upgrades. You can upgrade existing equipment to make it easier to defeat your opponents, all in the Pool Shop.

Accumulated points

Each time you complete a match, the system will give you some exp to accumulate. Thanks to the experience earned, you can level up and open more new game content. The higher the level, the more luxurious the new locations and show the player’s level.

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As one of the top games in billiards, 8 Ball Pool MOD APK will certainly not disappoint you. Download the game and experience it right now at the link below our article!