9th Dawn III RPG

October 8, 2020

Download game 9th Dawn III RPG APK latest for Android to participate in a massive 2D open world full of monsters ready to destroy you.

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Introduce about 9th Dawn III RPG

9th Dawn III RPG APK

9th Dawn III RPG is a role-playing game in a world full of scary monsters. Explore a dungeon to crawl and uncover the spooky mysteries surrounding Lake Elmson. Explore the dungeons of the land of Cedaltia to find the truths about an untrustworthy king. Become the ultimate warrior as you unlock skills and spells. Join to explore dungeons, swamps, and destroy all the scary monsters.


9th Dawn III RPG APK

Join the game, you will be exploring open and seamless lands filled with danger. Players must continuously pass through different dungeons, against hordes of dangerous monsters. In total, the player will be faced with more than 270 different shaped monsters. From there, you will get back loot and huge treasure.

Players will unlock fighting skills during their adventure through Elmson Lake, Lorwyck Castle, Vlak Forest,… Classic 2D pixel style game. If you are a veteran player, you will definitely find this style completely familiar. The dungeons and swamps in the game are uniquely designed. However, you will find it difficult to observe when the character is designed with the same color as the background.

Highlights of 9th Dawn III RPG

9th Dawn III RPG APK
  • Explore the vast open-world around Elmson Lake, Lorwyck Castle, Vlak Forest,…
  • The game is designed in a unique 2D with a classic pixel style.
  • Destroy over 270 unique monsters and collect loot from them to unlock more skills and magic.
  • Conquer monsters and turn them into your allies, train your combat skills.
  • Over 1400 unlockable items including weapons, armor, and accessories.

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