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A3: Still Alive APK v1.12.4 (Latest Version) Download

A3: Still Alive APK v1.12.4 (Latest Version) Download

Updated: 21-12-2022 (2 years ago)
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A3: Still Alive
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The battle royale A3: Still Alive APK with high-tech graphics Unreal Engine has been released to the worldwide gaming community on both Android and iOS platforms. Select the link below to download the latest APK version for your device to enjoy this fascinating game right now.

Introduce about A3: Still Alive

It can be said that A3: Still Alive is the first game to combine two Battle Royale mechanics with MMORPG. This is the latest role-playing game from the developer Netmarle – famous for titles like Penta Storm, Seven Knights,… Possessing different gameplay, since its launch in the Korean market, A3: Still Alive has made fans of the genre go crazy with a free-play that demonstrates individual skills. Meet all the requirements of immersive fantasy, thrilling combat with great graphics, surely A3: Still Alive will not disappoint you.


Have you ever thought you would play a game that combines RPG and Battle Royale mode right on your mobile device? If so, A3: Still Alive is your perfect answer. This game opens up a dark fantasy world where you can freely show off your personal skills. Your only goal in A3: Still Alive is to fight hard to win. You can choose to play solo matches or combine more allies (as guild members). However, be careful because not everyone is loyal, they can switch sides and become enemies in the blink of an eye.

Game modes

Battle Royale: Survival

Survival factor of A3: Still Alive is shown in this game mode. You will be participating in real-time battles in which you will fight with 30 different players. All are in the same state and the same space to create the fairest conditions possible. You will see PUBG’s silhouette in this mode. With the narrow map, the limited visibility increases the sense of competition and tension for players. You have to be vigilant and have a specific strategy to survive in this mode. Your goal will be to become the last survivor. Try to reach this position because you will receive many different interesting rewards

Dark Haunt: PVP

This is my favorite mode in A3: Still Alive. With the grand scale of the arena, the scene is when darkness falls and a blood moon begins to appear. Right now was the moment a horrible battle was about to begin. In this mode, you join other players or alliances with members of the guild to fight against other players. As noted above, your alliance members can become enemies at any time. So don’t trust someone too much.

Choose a reliable companion

A3 Still Alive APK

Other players or guild members won’t stay loyal to you forever, but Soul Linkers are different. You can choose Soul Linkers and fight with them on the battlefields. There are over 270 Soul Linkers that you can choose from and they are divided into three main categories: SUPP, ATK, and DEF. Winning will become easier with the support of these reliable teammates.


A3 Still Alive APK

A3: Still Alive possesses a slick graphics background that is carefully invested in details such as characters as well as combat effects. General characteristics of Korean-origin games with Unreal Engine high-tech graphics are shown vividly. The effects of the sword when being cast emit magic rays and are extremely eye-catching. Not only that, but the sound system in the game is also shown vividly in intense fighting phases.

Install A3: Still Alive APK

To install A3: Still Alive APK, you need to do a few things below.

  1. Download the A3: Still Alive APK we provide.
  2. Proceed to install the APK as usual.
  3. Open and experience.

Download A3: Still Alive APK for Android

With immersive, immersive, real-time battles that A3: Still Alive offers. I am sure you will be completely absorbed in this great sci-fi game.

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