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Update on November 7, 2022 (1 year ago)

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Abandoned City Survival MOD APK is for those who love action and exploration games, survive in the middle of an abandoned city and build it all by themselves.

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Abandoned City Survival is built on an extremely attractive context. Humanity encountered a great disaster, not many people survived. Cities have become desolate. The player plays a lucky person to survive, you have the task of collecting everything needed to maintain life. Even more difficult is to gather the survivors to build a new civilization, where people have a safer life. The game requires you to be 18 years or older because it has elements that need careful analysis to understand.


In this devastated world, there are many items that can be mined and used. For first-time players, Abandoned City Survival will guide you through the basic steps of discovering and collecting items. Each item will take a certain amount of time to mine. Then bring it to the designated place. These are all essential items such as building materials, fuel, and food.


Once you’ve started the game for a short while, you’ll meet the first survivors. Maybe they’re in a state of panic and don’t understand what’s going on. You need to guide them, then work together and collect as many items as possible. There are many things that are in need such as medical equipment to save the injured. Once qualified, set up a medical facility.


This is a very important thing in Abandoned City Survival. Not only is it an ordinary shelter, it also needs to have all the necessary infrastructure. Because very soon, the number of people will increase. The specific division of work makes it easier for you to collect. Don’t be afraid to explore abandoned houses or old cars. It contains a lot of things to exploit. Complete your own community.


  • Abandoned City Survival integrates many survival elements that few games can reflect.
  • Continually collect the necessary items, ensure the food source to be able to live for a long time ahead.
  • Build a community of survivors and split tasks to get things done faster.
  • Explore new locations and craft all the necessary items yourself.

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