Ace Attorney Trilogy
Ace Attorney Trilogy

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About Ace Attorney Trilogy APK

For those who want to try their hand at being a defense lawyer for the defendants on the court – Ace Attorney Trilogy APK. This game will take you to many interesting situations, meet many characters. In the role of a lawyer, of course, clients will come to you and ask you to defend them. Or maybe you accidentally encounter cases, realize the injustice and want to protect the wronged person. There will be countless storylines integrated, tough cases. Sometimes, as a lawyer, you have to search for witnesses and evidence at the scene yourself. Listen to the testimonies and chain the facts. However, is everything they tell you the truth?! Only when you start investigating will you know.

Create familiar characters

Ace Attorney Trilogy has hit the psyche of fans of the movie Phoenix Wright’s, about law school rookies. Here, players encounter familiar characters but in a completely new context. It really becomes even more exciting if you get to play your favorite character to investigate the matter. Players have three main choices: Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth and Franziska von Karma. Each character has a unique character to solve the case, depending on your choice and go with that character.

Take part in interesting cases

The crime-solving theme that Ace Attorney Trilogy built for players is really diverse. Maybe it was a robbery, bank fraud, and even worse, murder. As I said at the outset, a lawyer’s job is not simply to know the laws. To really know the truth, grasp the important evidence to build an argument, go to the scene of discovery. Observe each piece of evidence carefully and do not omit any details in the testimony of the accused and witnesses.

Attractive storyline gameplay

Ace Attorney Trilogy attracts players by letting the characters dialogue with each other like a real movie. Each person took turns speaking, giving their point of view. Make players feel like they are really in that world, very real. This game automatically rearranges the found evidence for you and includes some annotations. Show your ability to organize and analyze data. Most importantly, you need to emphasize the evidence in your favor.

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