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Update on October 28, 2023 (4 months ago)

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The latest Acode MOD APK version for Android mobile devices has been officially released. In the past, to create lines of code and program any web, we had to use PCs or laptops. This can be inconvenient for many people as such devices cannot be carried around at all times. Publisher Foxdebug noticed this and decided to launch a product called Acode. This is a special technology application that allows users to program right on mobile devices. It’s hard to believe but with just a phone you can also manipulate programming programs easily.


As I introduced at the beginning, Acode gives users a programming interface right on the smartphone. You can completely turn off all kinds of notifications during the operation of the application through the settings. This application provides basic editors including HTML, JavaScript, text. Not only that, users are allowed to edit CSS, Python, Java, JavScript, Dart, etc source files. The minus point is that you can’t run PHP, C and C++ directly, but you have to use Termux and Acode in parallel to run these programs. Users are supported to write up to 50,000 lines of code while ensuring the speed of processing commands.


To program, users will naturally have to use many files at the same time to get information. Opening files in parallel also reduces job processing time. Acode allows users to create shortcuts in the application to link to the information file to use. Besides, the application’s own storage will help you save the programs. If you are coding but are busy and can’t finish it, don’t worry because Acode has saved it for you. Easily edit files and save completely.


Acode is designed with a dark background, which is the most common interface style for programming support applications. Because programmers often have to look at the screen for a long time, dark colors are more pleasing to your eyes. This app’s 100+ programming languages ​​are supported with highlighting with standards-compliant color palettes. Interacting with JavaScript is easier with sub-panels and file management features. Adjust the file arrangement layout yourself through Acode’s settings.

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