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Adventure Chef MOD APK is an interesting puzzle and farming game suitable to play during your spare days. You can click the download button below to download the latest version of this game and experience it now.

About Adventure Chef: Merge Explorer MOD APK

Adventure Chef: Merge Explorer is a game from the publisher Episode Interactive. This is a puzzle game combined with a farm where you play as a farmer and a chef and do what you love on your farm. With simple gameplay but many attractive tasks, Adventure Chef: Merge Explorer will definitely bring relaxing moments and many fun exploration experiences for you.

Lots of things to do in Adventure Chef: Merge Explorer

Adventure Chef- Merge Explorer MOD APK

The story mission of Adventure Chef: Merge Explorer is that you will cook to serve the guests who come to your restaurant. However, to cook, you need to collect ingredients to be able to cook them. So how do you collect? At this step, you will turn into a farmer who works hard to harvest agricultural products in his own garden. But the harvesting method of Adventure Chef: Merge Explorer is a little different from other games. You will harvest by solving match 3 puzzles in real-time. However, each level will have a different time limit, you have to try to collect compatible cooking ingredients quickly to process. Because the customer’s waiting time is limited. If customers wait too long, they will leave and give your store a negative review.

The more you go up, the more orders will be. That means players face more challenges than before. However, since then, the revenue from the number of customers served will also increase and the store will grow more and more.

Upgrade your kitchen to a 5-star restaurant

Adventure Chef- Merge Explorer MOD APK Download

The special thing in Adventure Chef: Merge Explorer is that besides developing match 3 puzzles, the cooking feature is also extremely detailed. The kitchen you own can be periodically upgraded. Once upgraded, they allow you to cook in less time and unlock new recipes. At first, when your restaurant is not too famous, the dishes will be sold at affordable prices to attract customers. But when there is a certain reputation, the dishes’ prices also increase the culinary experience for customers. Coming to Adventure Chef: Merge Explorer, you will discover countless diverse culinary cultures, extremely suitable for food lovers.

As mentioned above, when you decide to increase the price of food, you also have to improve the user experience, so that new customers will love and often come to your restaurant to dine. Adventure Chef: Merge Explorer allows you to open many new features to serve guests such as adding desserts, drinks, etc. And especially, sometimes your restaurant will receive important customers. They will have their own requirements that require players to be creative and flexible to meet them. However, since they are important guests if you serve them well, the store’s reputation will increase a lot.

Diverse food truck collection

Adventure Chef- Merge Explorer MOD APK for Android

Another feature I would like to introduce to everyone in the collection of different authentic trucks in Adventure Chef: Merge Explorer. These trucks are all beautifully designed, many special effects enhance the quality and speed of the player’s cooking. Even owning them can increase the appearance rate of items to merge. Players can also upgrade the trucks in their collection to give them even more fun performances. Try to collect as many trucks as possible because they are not only beautiful but also bring many benefits.

Many interesting events

In addition to the default tasks, Adventure Chef: Merge Explorer also organizes other activities and events for players to freely participate. When you join, you will have the opportunity to receive generous rewards and if you are lucky, there are also rare recipes. These events will also be graded from easy to difficult, so the challenge is also diverse and the rewards are new. Players will never get bored when participating in Adventure Chef: Merge Explorer activities. Because these activities and events are held online, you will have the opportunity to meet and challenge other players around the world. Compete and show off who is the best chef and climb to the top, are you ready?

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