AFK Dungeon MOD APK v1.1.46 (Menu, DMG/Defense Multiplier)

Update on June 1, 2022 (2 years ago)

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AFK Dungeon : Idle Action RPG MOD APK is a strategic action game that takes place right in the dark dungeon. The player is faced with many unexpected ambushes by enemy troops that do not anticipate their arrival.

MOD Description

Menu Mod:

  • Damage multiplier
  • Defense multiplier
  • Health multiplier
  • Mana multiplier
  • Attack speed multiplier
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AFK Dungeon



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Menu, DMG/Defense Multiplier

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Hundreds of enemies ambush are available in every corner of the dark basement, your task is to destroy all enemy troops and especially the leader of the corps for the order to ambush you. Use flexibly and strategically with pre-equipped weapons, upgrade weapons to a new level when collecting bonuses and experience AFK Dungeon : Idle Action RPG’s dangerous and challenging challenges.


Coming to this game, you are also equipped with weapons to destroy the evil enemy, flexibly use the movement control functions to avoid being counterattacked by the enemy. You only pass the game screen when you destroy all the enemy troops in each level and unlock the next screen. The amount of bonus each level depends on your skill and level of task completion. However, you do not have to fight alone, you also have the help of the support people in this game and another type of power that you have to spend money to buy. Become a hero and rule the basement with your strength and strategic thinking.


Your life is limited, so you need to use your combat power appropriately to avoid rapid loss of your fighting ability. You cannot fight directly with a giant with a huge iron sword in your hand, and you also cannot have the strength to fight the simultaneous attack of the enemy legion aimed directly at you, the only way To protect life safety as well as combat power is to move quickly to a location with fewer enemy troops. When you have lost the ability to fight, you can easily stop the game if you continue to fight the enemies, escaping will be the best time to revive your fighting strength.


Each level you will discover a secret reward that will increase your battle resources. Accumulate rewards and get special powers like defeating the leader, defeating enemies, exchanging for equipment… You just need to collect many rewards from the secret gift box after completing the mission through each level to quickly receive special powers and destroy enemies without spending much combat strength.


More than 50 dramatic levels are waiting for you to experience and the difficulty of each level is gradually increasing. Fighting in the dark dungeon is already a difficult task for you, but the increasingly difficult game challenges the player’s sanity by increasing the number of enemy troops per level, especially the significant increase of the giant. giant on the enemy’s side. However, no matter how difficult the challenge is, it still can’t be difficult for you, right, buy and prepare to upgrade good weapons to not be weak before the mighty enemy.


There will be times when you will not be able to confront the horror of the enemy alone, so use the right to help from your teammates and the mysterious forces of AFK Dungeon : Idle Action RPG. The help of the Mimic uncle with the ability to provide you with equipment with great destructive power to destroy the enemies of the basement, in addition to the Mimic owner, there are many characters and mascots in each basement that can help you. Discover your personality and skills in the helper information section to choose the right character to accompany you in difficult cases.


You are completely immersed in the graphic design that couldn’t be any better. Entering this game world, you will be overwhelmed by the super functional controller, along with explosive effects every time you win the game. The sound effects are top notch, the sound of rubbing against each other is very catchy and true to the fighting spirit and will be more amazing, feel the battle sound more clearly when you wear the headset to experience AFK Dungeon : Idle Action RPG.


  • An engaging fighting action game, transform into a superhero to free the domination of the basement from the evil one.
  • Collection of diverse weapons, many functions to help when fighting mascots and friends.
  • Collect rewards in each level through each mission, quickly destroy the leader.
  • Upgrade equipment, power to protect the player’s safety from the attack of the enemy.
  • Extreme graphics with continuous context transitions, extreme battle sound effects increase fighting spirit.

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