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Download Amour Sucré MOD APK (My Candy Love) – Latest Version – Free for Android. The most creative love stories to make you fall in love with this very romantic game.

Amour Sucré MOD APK the most passionate narratives you will experience on mobile

After some time, for the happiness of the most passionate followers of this noble space, we will talk a little about love again. This time, with a more charming game of interactive narratives to leave anyone’s heart tight, or anesthetized, depending on the decisions made.

This is the Amour Sucré (My Candy Love) one of those games in which you’ll have to put your charm to the test in the search for true love. The title is very reminiscent of the best features of Lovelink and Episode, but it brings its own dose of personality, a more modern artificial intelligence, and chapters with never-before-seen plots.

Are you the right person to lead the different characters in more different situations to find a love for life? Amour Sucré’s answers and time will tell. But, we’ll tell you what you need to know to dive into this fairy tale (or love nightmare), depending on your social skills.

How does Amour Sucré work?

It is a game of interactive narratives in which the user, who lives in different situations, from a different range of possible answers, approaches or moves away from the great love, according to his romantic ability and, of course, the interpretation. of the artificial intelligence responsible for controlling the character in question.

The coolest thing is that the game is distributed in chapters, in which several characters exist, as well as different situations. In addition, the app already has more than 60 of them for you to play and the developers promise to deliver one more per month, in addition to exclusive events so that the fun and love never stop.

Another cool thing is that you have a kind of sidebar that measures how well you are doing on each occasion or dialogue. If it’s pretty high, maybe it’s a green light for you to invest more in the person. Now, if it’s low, you already know your charms aren’t having much effect.

We will talk a little about the three environments in which you will fight for the love of your life. And, for those more used to pansy scripts, nothing is fairer and more emblematic than starting with the nostalgic school days.

Amour Sucré: High School Life

At the bucolic Sweet Amoris school, you will be surrounded by an environment full of boys with hormones in full bloom. But, you know, not all of them are exactly a good catch. It’s your responsibility to resist the wrong spells and find and seduce love for a lifetime. Are you the type who likes nerds, sportsmen, bad boys more?

Now, if this phase is not the most remarkable of your life, or even if you like an even more spicy life, how about we skip this phase of life and live the ebullition of feelings and making out that only university life can offer?

Amour Sucré: University Life

Who didn’t live hot stories and lots of love adventures at the time of university? In Amour Sucré, this phase of life is very well represented with breathtaking plots and full of traps, just like in real life.

At this stage – as you may already know – the chances of finding the perfect person, perhaps, are higher, but that does not mean that the dangers are not there. Focus on your studies, but keep your heart open for the best romantic adventures your life has in store.

Now, if you are – just like this one who is writing to you – someone who is a little more mature, who has already gone through these two delicious phases of life and is looking for something more in line with the stage you live, often reconciling work, study and other activities, nothing better than the normal way of life.

Amour Sucré: Love Life

This is the phase where more things happen every day and you will have to deal with more challenges on a day-to-day basis, such as juggling a world of responsibilities and still having time for the love of your life.

Would you prefer to follow the classic line with a beautiful and successful lawyer, or perhaps the intellectual side is what touches your heart the most and, thus, nothing better than that fascinating professor of modern art. A conversation, a wine, in short, and, of course, the best decisions, one after the other.

But, it’s not just the beautiful plots that the game stands out. Many technical aspects and built-in features are a show on their own, as we’ll show you next.

  • Sweet Love Image Record – with each successful chapter with its better half, the game records the best moments, with amazing images that will stay for all posterity. After all, remembering will always be living
  • Amazing clothes and beauty items – you’ll have a real multitude of clothes and accessories to dress in the best way for each situation, according to what your love expects to see
  • Many characters in Amour Sucré – there are many characters in the different chapters that you already have available, and many others are yet to be released. In this way, there are plots and occasions to give and sell, with a wealth of identities and ways of acting for each of them.
  • Events throughout the year – Amour Sucré still holds online events throughout the year where it is possible to win a series of rewards, ranging from in-game coins to exclusive items that can only be acquired this way
  • Modern AI – artificial intelligences have modernized a lot with the available technology and are able to manage conversations and measure the evolution of a character’s sympathy towards the other in a precise and very natural way. This is what you can expect to find here.

But, all this is paid, or almost. That is to say, it is possible, little by little, to develop and buy the items to take better advantage of everything the application offers. However, the mission is long and can sometimes be a little frustrating, as it takes a lot of money or PA (a kind of in-game currency) to buy the vast repertoire of clothing and accessories available.

So, how do make your experience even more interesting? Our regular reader already knows.

Download Amour Sucré MOD APK and find the relationship you’ve always dreamed of

We have the magic formula for infinite money in Amour Sucré. Instead of scouring the internet for codes and hacks that never work, all you need to do is download the game from our link. And, now you have it all. What are you waiting for? Download the game and go fall in love!

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