Angry Dad APK 1.3.0

Name:Angry Dad
Publisher:DoubleTap Games
Latest Version:1.3.0
MOD Info:APK Only
Last Updated:29/08/2021 (3 months ago)
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Angry Dad is a fun role-playing game based on the animated series Angry Dad by Bart. With arcade-style gameplay developed by the manufacturer DoubleTap Games, with this release, the game gives players the fun feeling of being the most capable but also angry father in the world. With fun and exciting details combined with unique gameplay, the game possesses excellent features and excellent 3D graphics to satisfy all players.


Angry Dad MOD APK

Angry Dad is a game about a modern father, and players will be transformed into this character. The play describes the character that this father when he was young, lost everything because of an event, while his friends had jobs, high houses, and large houses. Therefore, this father is often angry and frustrated. However, the character’s joy is watching football with a strong faith in his idol team and relaxing.

There are new members in the midst of such family events, making the character even crazier because they have to do housework and take care of children regularly. The outside sounds always disturb the character when you watch football. Can the player overcome difficulties with the character’s life and keep calm to transform into a good father? The tasks are as simple as cuddling a baby girl, fixing leaky pipes, and dealing with cold-hearted people. The game gives players many exciting missions. Surely this game will bring laughter to you.


Angry Dad MOD APK

When the player enters the first level, Angry Dad will provide and guide you with relevant information about the house and the ways to play. First, the player will receive a “stress” sound and start with a new job appearing. In general, stress levels are gradually increased, and unresolved issues increase the rate of stress. Players need to do things to reduce pressure and stress, such as letting the character watch TV and the team score the winning goal; this dad will be pleased and relieve stress.

In addition, let the character drink beer and receive compliments from family members when completing housework tasks. The more housework and childcare you do, the more points you will accumulate. Besides, this score will help the character to have more beer and the opportunity for his favorite team; even the father can complete many tasks in his house. Help dad maintains the title of “best dad in the world” by performing his duties without pressure.


Angry Dad MOD APK

Angry Dad possesses stylized but high-quality 2D graphics. Players can realize that humor through 2D hand-drawn art. The characters are arranged and designed quite simple but still keep the greatness of the game. The most special is the sound effects in the game. 1001 seems to have a job to make people angry and announced this to the new job whenever they have a sound alarm rang pace blizzard makes this increasingly mad dad more. It can be said that the features in the game are quite outstanding and attract many players by the variety of graphic mechanics and flexible effects. In addition, the game’s features are also regularly improved, providing more tasks for players.

As a fun game, it will be great if you use it after tiring days. Coming to the game, you will enjoy the good laughs because of teasing this father and discovering the missions present in the game. Angry Dad is a free game, so if you really like it, download the game and relax now.

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