AnimA ARPG MOD APK v3.1.2 (Menu Mod)

AnimA ARPG MOD APK v3.1.2 (Menu Mod)

Updated: 29-12-2022 (2 years ago)
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Join AnimA ARPG MOD APK to be a hero, fight the devil and complete the set mission, collect rewards. This is a mobile game for players who are fans of the RPG genre. Combined with attractive action elements, AnimA ARPG will definitely bring you moments of great entertainment.

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Anima ARPG is set in a magical world with a classic style. Players will have to equip their characters with costumes, protective items as well as skills so that when entering the dark world you have the ability to fight against countless demons waiting for you. The role-playing game of developer Redeev since its launch has attracted a lot of attention, thousands of downloads, and the reviews after the experience are all very positive. What are you waiting for, hurry up and join!

Choose the character you want to play

AnimA ARPG MOD APK for Android

AnimA ARPG offers you three classic main character choices including the Warrior (Skirmish), who has the power to attack the devil directly; or Sorcery, who uses magic, curses to tame the magic of the dark demons; and finally Archery (archery), who uses a bow as the main weapon, every arrow always hits the target. Before each match, you will choose a character that you use, in addition, you must equip them with skills, each skill has a different color and icon that is suitable for a different character. In addition, to increase the fighting ability of the character, you can upgrade the character directly. The higher the character level, the stronger the fighting ability.

Customize equipment and skills

When participating in AnimA ARPG you must have careful calculation and arrangement because there will be a limit on the number of equipment and skills. Although your collection may be extensive, not all items can be carried in battle. AnimA ARPG allows players to upgrade both costumes, weapons, and skills. Collect more weapons of the same level, use them as materials to create new items of higher rarity, which also means they have stronger attack abilities. So don’t look down on low-level items, they’re really useful to you.

Fast-paced combat

AnimA ARPG MOD APK Download

The main content of AnimA ARPG is of course the battles. It must be said that the publisher Redeev has been very invested in the context of the game. Because, the world of evil and the effects of the game are very realistic, making players feel like they are immersed in that world. You will fight non-stop, demons will attack continuously on the way you move, so you must have quick actions, use appropriate skills to destroy as many demons as possible. If you do not quickly finish them off, the loser will be you. The first battles will be very simple, the later the challenge increases, if you do not focus, do not upgrade your character and skills, you can hardly win.

Defeat monsters, collect rewards

After each time you attack the devil, when it runs out of combat ability, it will drop the inventory containing a lot of useful items for you. Don’t forget to collect them to strengthen yourself. You can use them right in the match, it is not necessary to equip them first. For high-level monsters or demons, their inventory will contain extremely rare items, perhaps you have never owned. So do not hesitate to fight them, valuable rewards are waiting for you to discover. Such as 8 gems to raise items to the highest level, anyone wants to own them.

Attractive graphics and sound


Many people have evaluated that the interestingness of AnimA ARPG lies in its beautiful graphics and vivid sound. With the main color tone of the scene being dark, it gives us a feeling of magic and fantasy, which is very suitable for such a raging evil world. The color of the move created by your character to hit the devil is exactly the opposite, it is very bright so you can feel its strength and weakness. Besides, the sound of Anima ARPG is like urging players to quickly and strongly win. Graphics and sound go hand in hand to make the matches both thrilling and attractive, players seem to be one with the character.

Equipping items for characters in AnimA ARPG will require you to spend a lot of time and money. If you use the Anima ARPG MOD APK version that we provide, you can freely shop for the things you want without worrying about anything.

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