Animal Restaurant
Animal Restaurant

Animal Restaurant Mod APK v9.18 (Free Ads)

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Download Animal Restaurant MOD APK latest for Android to experience the game involving animals around us. With Animal Restaurant, you will experience a restaurant management game of extremely cute animals, you have certainly never tried to play.

Animal Restaurant MOD APK

Are you a lover of cats or cute animals? If so, let’s focus here. Here I will introduce you to an extremely cute game called Animal Restaurant from developer DH – Publisher. Here you will find a restaurant with elegant basic tones and lovely things. Check out Animal Restaurant, I’m sure you will love it.


Everything in Animal Restaurant revolves around an adorable cat. Initially, he was a wild cat but was lucky enough to be picked up by a family. The cat’s new family is planning to open a small store, and the cat becomes a reluctant shopkeeper. However, the cat is very lazy and does not want to do anything but sleep. Because of his laziness, he has brought many funny situations to the store.

Restaurant management gameplay

Although the game is designed to simulate restaurant management, Animal Restaurant is not too focused on making money. The game is often more focused on telling interesting stories that happen in the store. Even so, the store still had to sell. So every time a customer comes, they buy and will have to pay for dried fish.

Once you have a decent amount of dried fish, you can help your business grow by expanding your property. Open more bars, tea tables, refrigerators, dessert tables and so much more. Decorating your store and buying new items will help you get more positive reviews. The more good review scores you have, the more you have the chance to open more premium and beautiful items.

Diverse menu

Animal Restaurant also provides you with a variety of menus for you to show your super chef skills. But if you do not know how to cook, do not worry, because at first, the game will guide you to cook gradually. The inspiration for the restaurant menu is from many different cultures so it is very diverse. But perhaps most Japanese dishes with typical dishes such as rice balls, sushi,…

In addition to the restaurant, you can go to the super beautiful flower garden of Animal Restaurant or the buffet restaurant. These are great places to get review scores.

A funny game

The highlight of Animal Restaurant is probably the characters with rather “eccentric” personalities. First of all, the owner of Gumi restaurant with a dark style and personality is not afraid of heaven, not afraid of the earth. In addition, the visitors to the store also have different personalities and preferences, just like real people. That means there will be sociable guests and people who make you mad.

And the cat isn’t the only lazy employee in the store. Waiter Jiji is equally lazy when working 100 seconds and resting up to 250 seconds. If he wants to work harder, he must increase his salary and experience.


What prompted me to immediately download Animal Restaurant because its graphics were so cute. Although they are just 2D, cartoon-style graphics that aren’t designed too fussy, they are really cool. As you play, you will have a chance to meet animals with cute shapes. In addition, the variety of objects and furniture in the restaurant is also an equally attractive attraction. Many styles such as modern, classic, Halloween, romantic for users to choose from. You can even combine them together.

Download Animal Restaurant MOD APK for Android

For animal lovers, especially cats, do not miss this wonderful game. Vibrant music, lovely graphics, and lots of fun await in Animal Restaurant. This game is suitable for relaxing after stressful working days. Download and feel it!

Download (260M)
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