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App Cloner MOD APK v2.18.0 (Premium Unlocked)

App Cloner MOD APK v2.18.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Updated: 27-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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App Cloner
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With the rapid development of technology, now you can reduce your working time every day thanks to App Cloner Mod APK. Simply put, this application allows you to clone more applications from the original application. Download App Cloner using the link we provide to use this useful application.

About App Cloner MOD APK

App Cloner Premium MOD APK

The world is increasingly modern, the more we ourselves use and depend on technology. Whether we work or play or study, we all need accounts on social networks. Especially for those who often use and have many accounts in the same social network, logging out regularly is extremely time-consuming and inconvenient. Understanding that, App Listo has launched App Cloner to support users. With App Cloner Premium, you will save time logging in over and over again. An extremely great application so you can do all the things you like without worrying about being limited by your device.

It only takes a few minutes to clone

Yes, for App Cloner Mod APK, cloning apps is extremely simple and easy. In less than a few minutes, you can create and install the application that you want to clone by selecting the application to be cloned and selecting the number of applications you want to clone. Finally, click on the agree button, that’s it. If you want to create a completely new application as if you just downloaded it, you just need to uncheck the data backup section.

High security

With cloned apps, you can sign in to different accounts. For example an account for work, colleagues, boss, etc. A more private account for friends, lovers, close friends. Use two accounts at the same time without wasting time logging out again and again. In particular, App Cloner Mod APKis committed to not leaking customers’ personal information. You can also use the password setting feature or use incognito mode to turn off all your personal information. Another feature is “force close on exit” which is also enjoyed by everyone. With this feature, you can stop all application activities immediately. When you exit the application and everything running will be forced to stop completely. No more worrying about being caught while you’re doing something private.

App Cloner Premium MOD APK

If you want to be more careful, you can change its name and external icon. For example, change the icon of Instagram to be Notes and change the icon to Notes. No one expected it to be an Instagram shortcut and you have two accounts. More than 5 million users have used and trusted the security of App Cloner Mod already.

Make apps more fun

Have you ever thought that the copy is more functional than the original? If not, then App Cloner will definitely surprise you. The clones that the App Cloner Mod app creates are like app mods. For example, you can make the application display more eye-catching colors – colors that were not available in the original, with just a little modification. Messaging app clones add more icons with more diverse themes.

Support utility

If you are using Android TV, then App Cloner offers a lot of new utilities to support the user experience. With the latest update of App Cloner, any Android-powered device can use it. The intended use is more extensive when multiple Android devices can be used at the same time. You can also connect Android devices to your TV for use on the big screen.


With dozens of advantages that I listed above for you, I also found some small disadvantages of App Cloner after experiencing it for a short time. The first is about the interface is beautiful and simple, but they use – the steps to clone an application are quite difficult. App Cloner does not come with a user manual, so it will take some time for people to experience App Cloner for the first time. In addition, App Cloner is also a free application, so there are some copyrighted applications that will be difficult to clone (only a few). But anyway for the useful features that App Cloner brings, this is still a great application.

However, with the App Cloner MOD APK version that we provide below, the above disadvantages will no longer bother you. Above all, it also unlocks VIP features that the regular version does not have. Download now to experience App Cloner!

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