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AppBlock MOD APK v7.0.10 (Premium Unlocked)

AppBlock MOD APK v7.0.10 (Premium Unlocked)

Updated: 25-03-2024 (4 months ago)
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About AppBlock MOD APK

AppBlock is an application that helps you block websites, applications or any software that distracts you in the process of studying and working. True to its name, AppBlock can block unnecessary applications that cause interference, thereby helping you to measure and balance your leisure time and work with high efficiency.

Lock unnecessary apps

In your phone, everyone must have downloaded applications but rarely use, or applications that you are attracted to and affect your working time. This feature of AppBlock will help you to lock the application for a certain period of time that you want to install. Once you have activated this “block” feature, you will not be able to access and use the application until the time you previously set up has ended. Therefore, with this “lock” feature, you will only focus on your work without being affected by external notifications.

Limited time of use

In addition to “locking” the application completely for a specified time, AppBlock also gives you an option to limit the use of the application. You can set up how many hours a day you will use the application, or use the application until what time to go to bed and work. With this feature, you need to define a specific and reasonable time, it will automatically lock your application when it reaches the time threshold you have set. As well as the feature of “blocking” the application, it will also help you manage your leisure and work time well every day.

Statistics of specific usage data

It’s great that AppBlock in addition to helping you minimize the distractions in the working process, it also provides you with a specific statistics table by day/week/quarter. With these metrics, you can comprehensively track and analyze your uptime on mobile devices. The facts and metrics that AppBlock aggregates will help you fine-tune your app usage plan and make better decisions to improve productivity.

Personal Goal Tracker

Through the application time statistics table, you can map out your goals. Specific metrics will help you assess whether your goal plan is on target, maybe reading time today is less than the time you spend on movies, social networks or you have completed the goal. walking goal today… All will be integrated in AppBlock by this practical and convenient feature.

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