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ARMAJET MOD APK is an amazing shooting game that today I want to introduce to you. You can download the MOD APK file (No Recoil) of this game’s latest version for Android that we provide for free on MODDER.ME.



Shooting games always have a special place in the hearts of gamers. So these games are never outdated. And also to meet the development of the times, more and more shooting games have more unique content. And today I want to introduce to you the online shooting game F2P released by Super Bit Machine. Although newly released, the game has received quite a lot of positive feedback from gamers. So what is so special about this game? Let me find out in the article below.

Many attractive modes


In ARMAJET, you will form a team of 3 and fight another team in a real-time arena. Your only goal is to take down as many people as possible. By the end of the hour, the team with the most survivors will win.

Apart from the 3vs3 mode I just mentioned above, this game still has a lot to explore. Typically the story mode where you will be challenged by fighting continuously with other teams. Here your goal will be to win as much as possible. If unfortunately fails, you can upgrade your warriors and continue to try your hand (unlimited battles). In addition, the Deathmatch mode is also very interesting. You will be competing against 5 different teams randomly and compete to see who gets the most points before time runs out.

Interesting matches


As a shooting game, most of ARMAJET’s matches are fast-paced, creating excitement for players. Although ARMAJET does not have a guide for newbies, it is very interesting to figure out how to play it yourself. Personally, it took me 2 or 3 matches to fully understand ARMAJET’s physics engines and gun mechanics. However, after exploring and understanding the differences between the guns on your own, the game becomes a lot more amazing.

Demonstrating skills

ARMAJET is not just a moving and shooting game as usual. The movement and shooting mechanism of ARMAJET is much more unique. In an environment full of obstacles, you will have to move, jump, run, acrobatic, or ambush opponents at random hiding spots. Be careful with the explosives along the way, they will deal quite a lot of damage. In addition, each weapon will also have different mechanisms. For example the rate of fire, the viewfinder,… if you can memorize them they will be more useful in battle.

Many attractive rewards

With each win, you will reap a lot of valuable bonuses. Use them to buy more weapons with high damage and win more points in battles. In addition, when you kill many enemies in a match, you will also be rewarded with the same medal and title.


ARMAJET is designed in a 3D graphic style. Overall, the graphics of this game are not appreciated more than other games of the same genre, but the interesting gameplay has helped ARMAJET to gain more points from the fans. However, we still have to praise the designs such as the context, characters, and equipment that are designed in great detail and meticulousness. The main color gamut is all dark, with the game’s visuals sticking to the dark and creepy theme – which ARMAJET is aiming for.


In general, ARMAJET has a simple, easy-to-access gameplay that makes it easy for anyone to enjoy. One point of praise is that you absolutely can win thanks to the skills in ARMAJET rather than expensive paid items. The game has created a completely fair environment among gamers. However, ARMAJET’s drawback is that some low profile devices will not be able to download this game. But you can download the version we provide below and experience this great game.

Download ARMAJET MOD APK for Android

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