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Armed Air Forces MOD APK v1.065 (Unlocked Planes)

Armed Air Forces MOD APK v1.065 (Unlocked Planes)

Updated: 24-01-2023 (1 year ago)
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The latest version of Armed Air Forces MOD APK for Android mobile devices has been officially released. The most realistic fighter jet driving simulator is suitable for all ages 7 and up. Players will experience the feeling of sitting in the cockpit of an airplane. From taking off to hovering in the open air and landing safely. However, we are flying a fighter plane so things are not as simple as that. The game will give you tasks for you to perform. You definitely have to defeat the target to finish the mission and get the reward. Armed Air Forces have many different types of aircraft, but you need a lot of money to unlock them. Use the MOD version we provide to easily get the plane you want. The Free Shopping feature gives you the opportunity to shop to your heart’s content without worrying about financial problems.


Armed Air Forces MOD APK

If you are passionate about simulation games, you certainly cannot ignore Armed Air Forces. Hearing the name of the game we can also understand the main content will revolve around the air force. Becoming a special agent flying an aircraft, there are many heavy responsibilities placed on your shoulders. But believe me, you will love it soon because the feeling of flying a military plane is great. Not only flying planes, but this game also includes some violent elements that require players to shoot down other planes. All images are simulated very realistically, including take-off or landing, all jobs are completed by the player. It is thanks to that fact that the Armed Air Forces has attracted thousands of participants. Most people left positive comments and said they had a very memorable relaxing time.


Armed Air Forces require players to use their brains and use different skills and tactics. Controlling an airplane is of course much more difficult than a motorbike or car. But the interesting thing is that you are flying high in the sky, no longer on the ground. At each level, Armed Air Forces will give you a task and ask you to complete it. When starting out, the task can be as simple as aiming at non-moving targets such as a building on the ground. But later on, as you get used to it, the more difficult the task becomes, the goal can move. The most difficult is still fighting with enemy planes because they are also capable of attacking you.


In order not to be boring, Armed Air Forces create many different modes for players to choose from. You can practice or participate in the actual match. The air combat mode is probably the most engaging but also the hardest to get through. Here, you encounter many enemies, chase and shoot them down, but don’t forget you can’t let your plane get hit by bullets. For airplanes, it only takes one part to fail and you will fall down very quickly. This game increases the challenge with day and night modes. During the day, it is easier to aim at the target, but at night, the visibility is limited. You are allowed to choose the time of day to fly.


Armed Air Forces designed the cockpit frame extremely close to reality. When controlling, you will see the screen showing buttons such as engine, radar, button to adjust the direction of flight, fire button,… The game gives you a first-person perspective of sitting in the cockpit, but you also You can change to a third-person perspective to see the entire plane while in the air. However, the first-person perspective is still the main control angle.


Armed Air Forces MOD APK

Armed Air Forces have many different types of fighter aircraft such as F-22 Raptor, Mirage 2000C, AV-8B Harrier II, F-16C, A-10C, F-35 Lightning II, Super Tucano, etc. The most popular are still the F-35 Lightning II and AV-8B Harrier II because they have VTOL bat modes. The drone’s autopilot so you can focus more on shooting your opponents. In addition, you can also equip more weapons for your aircraft. Depending on compatibility, Armed Air Forces will give you options for retrofit weapons. Make sure you take advantage of these superweapons.


Armed Air Forces are very focused on developing game graphics to give you the most realistic look. All 3D brushstrokes are in vivid detail. But along with that, it requires your device to meet the capacity and resolution to not cause lag. The game will support screen recording so you can share interesting videos about flying fighter planes for your friends to see.

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