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Avakin Life

Avakin Life Mod APK v1.076.02 (Menu, Free Build, XP Boost)

App Name Avakin Life
Mod Features Menu, Free Build, XP Boost
Version 1.076.02
Size 117M
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Avakin Life Mod Menu APK is an online life simulator game for Android devices in a 3D world. You will be exploring this vast world with millions of other players around the world. In beautiful locations, amusement parks, and more. With lots of details on incredible daily and holiday life. In our MOD version, you will be able to use pre-unlocked items in the game; and a menu with the ability to enable experience points. Right now, you can download Avakin Life MOD APK for Android and build the life of your dreams!

About Avakin Life MOD APK – Life simulation game by Lockwood

Avakin Life welcomes you in a 3D virtual world where you can be someone else, meet new friends, build relationships, find your dream home, design it and then go on vacation heaven. This is a simulation game that has no limits on the player’s creativity. Avakin Life is one of Lockwood’s most successful simulation games, allowing you to recreate your perfect life in the virtual world. Not only is the game fun, but it also lets you do a lot of things.

The attractions of Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World

Avakin Life focuses on customizing your characters and giving them human attributes, then showing off their personalities as they interact with other Sims. In this game, you can choose what kind of person you want to be. You can design your dream home, get the pet you’ve always wanted, or buy your dream car and house, and more. Like The Sims, Avakin Life can capture what you need, as you meet and interact with other Sim characters being controlled by real players.

Create your own character (Avatar)

When you create an account, you can choose from over 16 Avakins! Can’t find the one you really like on the default page? Don’t worry, you can customize your Avakin later in the game – clothes, hairstyles, face adjustments, eyes, nose, hair… You can also choose their clothes or skin color and their eyes. Make your own Avakin or recreate an Avakin that looks like you or someone else, it’s all up to you. You can also rename your Avakin.

3D graphics

The graphics in the game are very eye-catching. All the characters are likable and look like the people you want to be friends with. You can create your avatar based on your personal taste, it can be similar or opposite to you, it can remind you of another person. You can choose your hairstyle, eye color, shape, clothes… The hair color palette is a bit limited in options, but there are still shades you might want to use.

Convenient and highly optimized control

The game is easy to navigate on your mobile. The developers have designed the control buttons in the most convenient way for players to easily manipulate. You can navigate your character by moving your finger on the touch screen, tapping the menu. It’s simple to learn after a few steps in the game.

The first step in the game is to create your avatar. Since the gameplay is really similar to Sims and it looks slightly different, you should have no problem starting the game. After you’ve created your character, dressed in eye-catching clothes, you’ll be taken to your very own apartment with basic furniture, gems, and free coins.

Build your dream house and decorate it

In addition to building your apartment. However, the game allows you to decorate it yourself. You have all the tools you need for this. There are options, initially, you can choose: socialize, decorate your home, go shopping. Tap one of these options. You receive a message with an explanation and short instructions. Instructions will also appear when you will tap some items.

Start with the decoration. You will be able to choose a pet there. If you want, you can change the basic furniture or just leave it. Once you get bored with the decorations, switch to socializing and talking to other people or buying new clothes. In the game, you will do everything you are doing in real life.

You can customize appliances, beds, sofas, tables, music, cars, cleaning supplies, and even get your own pet! If your parents never allowed you to have a pet in the house, and if they say they probably never will, don’t be too upset. Avakin Life has a wide range of really cute dogs, cats, and other pets of various breeds available. Now you can have fun with a pet in your virtual apartment without worrying about hairs getting on your bed and clothes, or getting them wet in real life.

How to play Avakin Life to become the person you always wanted to be?

Earn AvaCoins and Gems

What is Gems?

It is considered the main currency of the game from which necessary items can be purchased. For example, it can be used to buy clothes, poses, furniture, and other essential tasks.

In addition, it can be used to buy coffee, drinks from the store for extra energy. That means you need to earn gems in large quantities to progress faster.

What is Avacoin?

Avacoin is considered as Avakin Life premium currency, with which you can buy valuable items faster. For example, it helps users buy:

  • Latest outfits
  • Home decoration materials
  • General things
  • Dish
  • Animations
  • Featured
  • Petkins and more.

You can earn AvaCoins and Gems in many different ways, and below we list some basic ways for you to get them easily

1. View ads

It is considered one of the best ways to earn free money in more difficult situations. Do not skip viewing the ad as it can provide a certain amount of currency in any case. You don’t need to pay to see ads because it’s completely free. Try to see the ad at a time, maybe longer for 50 to 60 seconds.

2. Connect with Facebook

This method is also considered one of the best monetization methods when the user has a sufficient amount of currency. Simply, you just need to connect your game account to Facebook to generate a certain amount of Avacoins and Gems. Beginners are often suggested to do this task as early as possible because it is a better start for them.

3. Complete challenges and mission

To earn in-game currency in larger quantities, players need to complete daily or event-based missions, levels, and missions of the game. Every time a task is completed, the player is usually rewarded with 10 to 20 AvaCoins. It helps you buy single items faster. Also, saving more AvaCoins and gems from this method makes progress faster without stress. Don’t forget to check out the exact guide for all the basics, features, and controls of the game.

Many things to do in Avakin world!

You can travel, get a job, share an apartment or just hang out with friends or new people at social spots. You can shop, or play games. Want to relax at your friend’s cozy crib instead of being boring, naked at the start of the game? Sure, just jump over after sending your friends a message.

Adventure inside your world; Solve puzzles and open chests to get Avacoins, or other cool things. So your character needs to eat, drink, sleep, walk… Your character loves to dance with friends because there are many parties organized.

You can chat with other players online. This is up to you, whether you speak publicly or write a private message. There are small quests every day, and once you complete them, your character will level up, opening up new abilities.

Tips for you

Players can use the following tips to play the game properly without spending much time. Here are all the necessary tactics that will help improve your performance.

  • Always participate in events. When you join events, then you will get free rewards. Events are held weekly and monthly and within each event, different mini-quests are available for you to do.
  • Attend parties, because through parties you will get rewards and free points.

How to add friends

Step 1: Click on the avatar of the person you want to befriend to open the Action Menu. When you select the Action Menu, you will see a button that allows you to send a friend request to that player called “Add friend”.

Step 2: Select it and it will send a request that the player needs to accept in order for you to become friends. Alternative: If you know the username of Avakin that you want to add as a friend, you can also search and Add friend. To do this you need to tap on the Profile button from which you can access the Top Bar Menu. Once done, check on the Friends tab and select the search bar. Enter your Avakin username and tap the exact name you’re looking for. Select the Add friend button.

Buy clothes in Avakin Life

Avakin Life clothing includes shoes, hats, tops, pants, and even accessories. With thousands of options you can choose from, you’ll have no trouble styling your avatar. To purchase Avakin Life clothing, go to the Clothing Store and go through the different categories available in the store. Different clothes have different prices, and the price of the clothes corresponds to the style of the item. Over time, you’ll be able to unlock more clothes that you can use to style your avatar.

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