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Baby Manor MOD APK is an extremely attractive diamond puzzle game for mobile phones. But compared to the classic diamond puzzle version, which was released a long time ago, is this game just about folding diamonds?

Baby Manor MOD APK

Baby Manor MOD APK

Taking care of a newborn is not a simple job, it requires a sense of responsibility, love for the child, and vast knowledge. Many of you who are reading this article have never taken care of a child before. Or you have been taking care of a child, but are wondering if what you did is right or not. Then game Baby Manor: Baby Raising Simulation & amp; Home Design will give you a hint. The simple diamond matching game, but integrated into it will be parenting lessons, extremely meaningful families. In the right conditions, you absolutely can apply it to your own life.

The game was developed by MAGIC SEVEN, a game development team based in Hong Kong. They have launched 4 games on Google Play, with the total downloads of these games up to 80 million times. Among them, this game is the most recently launched but has also over 1 million downloads and 4.2 / 5 rating points on Google Play. Is this the next big hit for the team or not, all due to reviews from users like you?

Great game plot

Baby Manor MOD APK

A famous pianist named Bobby. One day, during his business trip, he met a woman named Sarah on the plane. He immediately fell in love with the woman, the two of them married. Sometime later, they gave birth to a wonderful child, from here they had to reduce their workload, return to their previous house to focus on taking care of their child. But it seems too difficult for a famous artist father and mother who is a flight attendant. You will be playing the role of a child, watching their self-care progress. At the same time, helping to make their care work smoother.

Simple gameplay

Following the boy, you will be able to see everything from the boy’s point of view, from home remodeling, buying new things, exchanges, talking to each other, with every one of his parents. Activities are designed into animations, making it easier for you to follow the game’s content. During content progress, there will occasionally be a pause. To continue, you need to win the diamond puzzle levels that the game has set before. The rules of the game are still the same as the previous diamond matching games, combining the same blocks into a row, a column with 3 or more consecutive shapes. But the levels here are designed with special tasks such as breaking plastic bags, collecting items,… to help you not get bored while playing. After winning the game, you also help your parents in choosing the items that will be used to decorate your house out of the three items they have chosen before.

Freedom to decorate the house

Baby Manor MOD APK

Every time you win a level, you receive an amount of gold and a bottle of milk. Each bottle will be a selection of items to decorate your family’s home. And gold money is to buy clothes as well as accessories to decorate hats, glasses, towels for yourself. Decorate the house into an ideal place for you and your family to live.

2D graphics

The game is designed with 2D graphics but through the talented hands of game artists and developers. You may mistake it for 3D graphics because it is too realistic. The furniture is beautifully designed, no matter what you choose, they will always be linked together. Fun game space and sound that inspires players with the theme of looking after babies.

Baby Manor MOD APK version

Gold coins you will get a bit when you win the levels, about a few dozen to a hundred dong. But your clothes are too expensive, they always cost from a few hundred to a thousand. So you will have a good time playing hard before you can get the clothes you love. If you do not want to spend too much time on the game, please use Baby Manor: Baby Raising Simulation & amp; Our Home Design MOD APK. The edited version gives you lots of gold coins, buy everything you like without looking at the price.

Install Baby Manor MOD APK

To install Baby Manor MOD APK for Android, you need to do a few steps below.

  1. Download our Baby Manor MOD APK file.
  2. On your device, search the APK file you just downloaded and install.
  3. Follow the installation steps and complete.

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Download Baby Manor MOD APK for Android

After experiencing the game, what experiences did you gain for yourself, and is it applicable to your life? Useful or not, don’t forget to share your experience with us in the post’s comments.

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