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Banana Kong 2 APK v1.3.10 (Latest Version) Download

Banana Kong 2 APK v1.3.10 (Latest Version) Download

Updated: 16-12-2022 (2 years ago)
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Banana Kong 2
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About Banana Kong 2

Banana Kong 2 is a game about an expedition to collect a huge number of bananas of a cute monkey named Kong. You will be transformed into the cute monkey Kong and overcome hundreds of interesting challenges to reach the largest banana warehouse.

Many attractive game modes

Entering this game world, you are tasked with collecting the number of bananas in each level. The game has a variety of game modes from the challenge of exploring at the bottom of the ocean, climbing through thousands of huge trees to rolling mountains and difficult paths. The factor that helps you to win the game and overcome the challenges easily for each game mode is due to the flexible use of the outstanding functions of the monkeys such as swinging, climbing and many more supporting tools. other help to help you conquer all game modes more simply.

Escape from the hunt

Not only do you have difficulty with obstacles in each game mode such as hot fire, sea waves, large empty barrels, but you also have to face the terrible pursuit of animals in each context of each mode. If you do not escape in time, it is easy to fear being eaten by a giant crocodile or painfully clamped by sharp crab claws. You can completely use the help of animals to help you speed up your escape from the scary pursuit by clinging to the animal’s body.

Hunt hundreds of bananas along the way

Don’t get so caught up in escaping the scary animals that you forget your main task is to collect the number of bananas. Jump, roll, use the container breaker to collect all the bananas you see on the way to escape. The more you collect, the more you will increase your speed and run to the finish line safely with a huge banana store ever.

Fun graphics and sound effects

You will find too much cuteness from the graphic design to bring you laughter while you play the game. Create a lovely character with the funny monkey Kong along with a series of impressive landscapes in each game mode you choose, Funny sound effects, many thrilling background music along with sound effects from the voice. The chase of animals and the cry of the lovely monkey Kong will make you even more attracted to this game.

MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Money (Coming soom)

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