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Try the feeling of flying in the sky in Base Jump Wing Suit Flying MOD APK. This is a Casual game on Android mobile devices for ages 12 and up. When participating in this game, the player wears a special suit to be able to fly. If you’re curious what this suit is like, hurry up and join it!

About Base Jump Wing Suit Flying MOD APK

Any of us when we were young, when we saw birds flying in the sky, we would have thought what would it be like if we were that bird? It’s so much fun to fly through the sky, passing through each layer of clouds. To fulfil this dream of many people without the financial expense or high risk due to high risk, a video game has launched Base Jump Wing Suit Flying. It will take you to a new experience that no other game can bring, which is flying in the sky with your own wings. The character is just an ordinary person like us, but he wears a special suit that makes it easy for him to fly. Thanks to that novelty and special, the game publisher BoomBit Games has attracted tens of thousands of downloads on the Google Play Store. I bet you will be impressed by it too. Don’t wait any longer, let’s spread our wings in the sky.

Specially designed flight suit

As I introduced at the beginning, even though you are an ordinary person, you have a suit specially designed to help you fly through the sky like birds. It will be a tight fit for your body to reduce the force of the wind when you are flying in the sky. Its special feature is that there is a connection from the arm to the thigh and the connection between the legs. Create a flat surface large enough for the wind to support you. If you’ve ever heard of flying squirrels in wildlife shows, your suit is made up of them. It’s funny, isn’t it? In addition to the suit, you will be equipped with a helmet, protective belts for important areas,… to create a sense of security and professionalism.

Fly through the sky and avoid obstacles

At the beginning of each level, Base Jump Wing Suit Flying will let the player stand in a very high position. It can be the top of a few dozen floors or a high mountain. And it doesn’t just stop at flying, players must avoid obstacles such as flocks of birds, planes, hot air balloons,… Pay attention to adjusting the direction early to fly as far as possible. Because the amount of gold you get will increase as you fly further.

Give your suit a new look

After a few levels, you’ve earned gold coins. You can absolutely go to Base Jump Wing Suit Flying’s store to buy your favorite outfit. It can be a suit like a superhero or a suit printed with famous brand logos,… Various colors for players to choose from. Put on your favorite clothes, fly in the sky enjoying the feeling of leisure. There is nothing better than that experience after a long day of work and school.

Explore the world around

It must be said that coming to Base Jump Wing Suit Flying you are like travelling with a view from above. The game designs a lot of different scenes for you to enjoy. The landscape of a campsite with air balloons floating or flying in the middle of the city and watching the busy traffic from above. Even more amazing is that you can accompany an airplane on the high clouds. That scene we usually only see in dreams, but now you can actually see it. Pass a ski field and rejoice to see the people below looking at you in awe. Travel to explore many places in just one small mobile game.


In fact, the rating of the game is relatively low, only 3.5/5 stars. Not too bad, but it also shows that many players feel unsatisfied. And I’m sure it’s not because of the quality of the game! Despite the low stars, they still praise that they love the experience that Base Jump Wing Suit Flying brings. What makes them lose interest here is that the game contains too many ads, every end of the game screen ads appears. But rest assured because the publisher BoomBit Games is trying to improve this problem, cutting ads to avoid affecting the perceived quality of the game. Don’t miss out on this great game because of a few short ads.

Download Base Jump Wing Suit Flying MOD APK for Android

Do you want to multiply your rewards to enjoy shopping for new flight suits or retrofits? Then use the Base Jump Wing Suit Flying MOD APK version that we provide. The feature of unlimited gold coins will help you easily do everything you desire.

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