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Become a talented team manager in Be the Manager 2022 MOD APK (Unlimited Money). This is a sports game on Android mobile devices for people 3 years old and up. Players will play the role of a team manager who performs tasks such as finding investors, hiring players, arranging match schedules,… In addition, he also works as a coach because you have to analyze and arrange the lineup to participate in each match. Calling investors is sometimes very difficult, besides, hiring professional players has to pay a small salary. Let the MOD version that we provide with the unlimited money feature help you solve this problem very easily. Freedom to choose the player you want because finance is no longer a burden.

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Be the Manager 2022 MOD APK – The best sports strategy game on Android

There’s no denying the appeal of football. It has been a king sport for a long time, any of us would love to watch it or participate in a live football match. But there are also those who have a greater desire to manage a team by themselves to see if their strategy is a good one. And that is also the reason that Be the Manager 2022 was born. The game helps you experience all the tasks when you become the manager of the team. It may not be as easy as you think, but in terms of fun, it’s definitely top-notch. This game has had ten previous versions and Be the Manager 2022 is the 11th version. All have received the support of the sports game-loving community. The publisher Mobisoca promises this latest version will include a lot of new features.

Looking for a reputable boss for the team

You alone cannot have enough capital to operate such a large team, you must call for investment. In Be the Manager 2022, funding from sponsors is your main input. However, players need to pay attention to finding reputable investors. Sometimes sponsors want to polish their name to cover-up scandals. But once revealed, it also adversely affects the image of the team. So, for decisions that have a long-term impact on the team, it requires a manager like you to consider options. The game gives you a list of investors, choose the person you trust the most to support the team.

Hire players to complete the squad

This is a very important factor. We cannot run the team without players. After funding, immediately start looking for members for your football team. Be the Manager 2022 will also give you player information, but it is much more detailed than sponsor information. Why? Because you need to choose carefully. Each player will include their name, age, experience in other clubs, stats on health, attack, defense,… In addition to based on parameters to make a choice you also need Pay attention to their desired salary. If it’s too high for you to balance with other players, don’t take the risk.

Building tactics on the pitch

A coach’s job is to understand what positions his players can play in. As I also said above, you need to rely on their information to decide which position they are in. In addition to arranging seats for the players, you also need to clearly define what your tactics are. For example, 4-3-3 is a high formation to attack or a 3-4-3 formation to connect more closely between the defense and the front line. There are many ways for you to choose, depending on each specific match, change your strategy wisely. Don’t let your opponent beat you.

Don’t get fired

A very real factor that Be the Manager 2022 gives you is that you can completely get fired if you do not do well. Too many losing matches damage the reputation of the football club and you do not come up with a solution to fix it, you are fired. So, always stay in shape and perform at your best. If you lose a match, don’t be discouraged, it’s a lesson learned for you to improve. Stimulate us to come up with better formations to solve the problem.

Simple interface

A game that is more about building strategies and plans, so there is absolutely no image of players running on the field. Players only see simple simulation images. Even so, it is appreciated by many people because they focus on evaluating their tactics more. The main colors of the interface are red, yellow, orange, extremely eye-catching for players and create a sense of relaxation.

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