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App Name BitLife
MOD features Unlocked/Free Shopping
Version 3.4.1
Size 141M
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Updated on 28/09/2022 (21 hours ago)
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MOD Description
  • Acquired Bitizenship and God Mode;
  • You can use the Time Machine for free;
  • You can purchase Boss Mode for free (a set with all professions), for which open the main menu, go to Job Packs -> Actor and click on Get it now!

BitLife MOD APK is a simulation game about human life. Players will transform into the life of any gender of your choice and experience the milestones in your life. Want to try to pass the milestone at an age where you want to know ahead of time what life is going to be like? Do you want to experience the personality and thoughts of another gender for once? The BitLife MOD APK game will fulfill all your desires about the things you want to experience. All the choices and answers on the app will make up a story throughout your game.


You will return to your adult journey as an infant, if you want to quickly reach a new age milestone, then press the plus sign in the age increase function to go faster age you want to explore and experience. When you reach the new age milestone, it means there are many new events happening around your life such as: friends, love, thinking, mood., work, health… The game stops. when you choose your age is 100 years old.


Each age you will experience a different mood as well as a change in your knowledge. In the events happening around your life that will make you happy, sad, happy, satisfied and even angry, frustrated, all the moods and emotions you experience are measured under the index. measure your mood through each of your life milestones. For example, at the age of 18, you are paired with the person you love and you are happy with your love story, your happiness index rises to the highest percentage.


Accompanying you on your journey of adulthood and appearing at every milestone in your life are mysterious characters that you can’t predict. Your relatives, friends, lovers will appear based on your previous selections of criteria. The appearance of the characters is one of the factors that affect your mood index, will you have a happy family, a stable job and a great lover? It all depends on your choice of criteria. However, it is entirely up to you to explore and connect with bad relationships to uncover the story behind that relationship so that you can anticipate if you are really having that problem in real life. . For example, if you befriend a robber, the system will provide all the information that the bad guy has caused you to warn you of the danger of the robber to you and give evidence of results when you deliver. save, make friends with bad guys.


The application synthesizes all the events that your life will experience, such as studying, working, falling in love, breaking up, watching a movie or even buying a lottery ticket… You don’t just experience the mood in familiar topics that your current age has gone through that you absolutely have interesting experiences in matters of pregnancy, childbirth and even divorce. Besides, you have a feeling that the application will help you grow more because of big decisions that you have never had the opportunity to interact with, a lot of interesting facts that you will surely stimulate curiosity and discovery. your break.


You have to gasp at the range of information the app provides for each of your age milestones. The information given is almost exactly what you have selected in your age range and you will enjoy reading the information about your choice. What interesting things do you want your 17, 20, 25 or 60 year old to have waiting for you to discover?


The game’s graphics mostly belong to the content, so to make the content more unique and attractive, the application graphics have added super cute and funny effects and drawings in each game. age. You can see the cuteness of a newborn baby, the beauty of a girl, the masculinity of a boy and even a combination of the two personalities of the third sex. In addition, the graphics also illustrate drawings of characters appearing in your life that are no less different through each character design stroke in the game.


  • Explore and create a second life for players with exciting experiences.
  • Experience and expand rich relationships through player choice.
  • The game does not require earning bonuses, feel free to choose the age you like.
  • Cute graphics, funny sound effects.


What's new

Bitizens! This update includes voice-supported accessibility features for our loyal vision impaired community!

3.9/5 (100 votes)

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Pls update 3.2.14
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Is this mod real? Because i found alot of them are fake and scamp
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Yes, 100% mod working
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Just a broke human being
Does this still work?
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pls update
Pls update to 2.2
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