Blades of Brim
Blades of Brim

Blades of Brim Mod APK v2.19.39 (Menu, God, Unlimited Gold/Diamonds) Download

App Name Blades of Brim
Mod Features Menu, God, Unlimited Gold/Diamonds
Version 2.19.39
Size 155M
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The latest Blades of Brim Mod Menu APK version for all Android mobile devices has been officially released. An extremely engaging fast-paced action game. This game is suitable for all ages from 7 and up. You will have to react very quickly because of the constant challenges that you have no choice but to deal with. Also, don’t forget to collect rewards along your way. Confronting you are ferocious monsters. Players control their character to move left and right, jump or attack. A game that requires quick hand movements and good reactions. If you do not catch the opportunity, you will most likely fall into the mouths of monsters. With weapons in hand, let’s show them who is the master of this game. To get new stronger moves or better combat weapons, you need gold coins to unlock. With the unlimited gold feature that our MOD version offers, your rewards are multiplied.


Are you a fan of Endless Running games like Subway Surfers, Temple Run? Want to try something new with this genre? Let me introduce you to Blades of Brim. An equally attractive game with gameplay similar to those of the famous Endless Running games. However, the difference is in the attractive storyline and new gameplay. The world is being damaged by monsters, you are the only hero left and must perform the noble task of fighting to find peace. Not simply moving anymore, now you also need to combine combat skills to destroy the monsters that stand in your way. Thanks to that novelty, Blades of Brim has attracted hundreds of thousands of downloads on Google Play Store alone. Rating is also relatively high at 4.4/5 stars.


At the beginning of each level, Blades of Brim will let you start at a slow speed so that the player can adapt to the operation. The further you go, the farther you go, the faster the speed will be. You will travel endless distances in a constantly changing context. Along the way, you can choose to launch attacks to slash monsters or dodge them if you can’t recover in time. Also, don’t forget to jump to high places to collect more rewards. Often the coins will be connected to each other, moving left and right to easily collect them.


As I introduced before, you will constantly encounter monsters along the way. They will also be classified by level from easy to difficult. In the beginning, you only encounter monsters that are small and easy to destroy. But as time goes on, their number increases, and their strength also increases. Therefore, you also need to increase the strength of the character to be able to fight them. At the end of the game screen, bosses often appear, they are different from normal monsters in that they can move to another location at a fast speed. But if you destroy it, the reward is also much more than the normal ones. After finishing the game screen, you can choose to continue playing immediately or stop to continue later.


Not only gold coins are important, but weapons and skills are also essential. Extreme skill combos can appear on the way. If normal skills only help you kill one monster, with combo skills collected in the game you will have better destructive power. Kill a series of monsters and collect all the gold coins that appear on the way. Their numbers are limited, so when you see them, don’t miss them. And through each level, you can also collect weapons with better damage. Usually, they are swords with a great deal of energy.


The purpose of collecting gold coins is to upgrade the equipment you currently have. To gain greater power and progress further on the way to conquer the monsters, you need more than the weapons collected at each level. These weapons need to be enhanced to become rarer. That means greater damage potential. Continuously upgrade them for the best experience.


Blades of Brim’s graphics are relatively beautifully designed. 3D rendering details and smooth motion contribute to a positive player experience. Eye-catching colors along with beautiful combat effects will surely conquer anyone who joins it. Besides, the vibrant sound urges players to move forward with incredible speed.

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