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To talk about Blend It 3D MOD (Unlimited Money) I have to assure you that are simple, harmonious, and addictive gameplay. With what I’ve just said, this is definitely a light entertainment game worth playing. Hot summer is a great thing to drink a glass of smoothie right? What could be better than running a juice shop? Join the game right away by downloading the APK file below this article.

Introducing Blend It 3D

Blend It 3D is a light entertainment simulation game developed and published by SayGames. Perhaps the publisher loves cooking when releasing games like The Cook, Perfect Slices. These cooking simulation games often attract young gamers. Stimulate creativity for children. The game that we would recommend to everyone is the same. It is a game that simulates the mastery of a juice shop. Processing cool smoothies for tourists on the beach.

Gameplay simple

Creating great smoothies for tourists is a great thing right? Right now, get used to the job of a shop owner. Running a smoothie shop is not as easy as you think. If you have the dream of being a shop owner, get acquainted now with the game Blend It 3D.

This simulation game will help players transform into the owner of a smoothie shop. Processing favorite drinks for each fastidious guest. Starting the game, players will be provided with a blender, along with the necessary materials. Fulfilling the requirements of the game, by creating compelling smoothies.

However, you do not simply have to pour the ingredients into the mill to have a smoothie. Players must identify the requirements of the customer, then take steps to create a satisfactory smoothie. As a final step, decorate the smoothie cup beautifully. At that time, you will receive an amount for the score you received there. Use the money for upgrades and unlock more blender. It helps increase productivity and be more efficient.


The graphic background in Blend It 3D is rated on average. It is not so excellent, because this is an entertaining game. However, with bright and eye-catching colors, this is probably a perfect entertainment game. With 3D animation design, bring exciting experience for players, especially the ages of children. Moreover, the sound system is also a valuable point that the game has. The sound in the game describes the sound of the blender’s true to reality. In short, this is a harmonious game on both side’s graphics and sound.

Blend It 3D MOD version

In order to unlock more fruit and blenders, we have created a MOD version of Blend It 3D. The MOD version of Blend It 3D provides an infinite monetary system so that players can unlock anything easily.

MOD Feature

  • Unlimited Money: Allows players to use money unlimited. Serve for unlocking and upgrading.


Above are some brief reviews of Blend It 3D. This is indeed an interesting simulation game for children. Stimulate creativity for children. Moreover, this is also a game worth experiencing after stressful working hours. With a simple mechanism and a harmonious graphics background, this will surely be an addictive game for players.

Ready to download Blend It 3D MOD

You can easily download Blend It 3D for your phone by visiting the Google Play app store. However, the MOD version of the application will not be officially released. To experience, users must install the APK file to install manually. You can download the MOD version via the link below and click the Download button.

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