Bomb Bots Arena MOD APK 0.5.61

Bomb Bots Arena MOD APK
PublisherTiny Roar
File Size100MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Shield, XP
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Download Bomb Bots Arena MOD APK (Unlimited Shield, XP) and take part in online confrontations with bombers around the world.

Introducing Bomb Bots Arena

Bomb Bots Arena MOD

Surely many gamers already know BnB M, a popular boom game of Nexon. Following that style of play, Bomb Bots Arena offers an arena for bombers. Released by Tiny Roar, this is probably a highly anticipated bombing game with beautiful 3D graphics. Moreover, it also allows players to face off against online players around the world. Or you can create rooms and play with your friends.


In the game, players will be confronted with 3 other opponents in the world. Take the player to the arena with columns, where there are boxes containing some valuable items. Very familiar control mechanism. For those who have ever played through the Bomb M, you will easily get acquainted with this game. In the lower-left corner of the screen will be a control place designed in the form of a D-pad. Help players can control characters to move in 4 directions. The right corner of the screen will have a bomb icon. Place bombs and destroy square boxes to collect valuable items.

Bomb Bots Arena MOD APK

Above all, the player’s main job is to defeat the remaining 3 opponents. You need to cleverly move and put bombs in the path of the opponent. Calculate ahead of time for the bomb to explode and consider the opponent’s path. Sometimes, players need to take advantage and put the opponent into a corner and then place the bomb. The opponent will not be able to move and will have to die.

Bonus and unlocking characters

After destroying the remaining 3 opponents, you will win and get some bonuses. Game bonuses, level bonuses, bonuses for the number of kills you have destroyed. Not only that, but players also add XP to increase your character index.

When winning, players will receive items containing positive, unlock more armor on the body. There are dozens of items and items on the player’s body to unlock and change. Moreover, in the store of the game, there are many new Skins. Players who want to own need to spend a certain amount of money. There are a few unique Skins like X-O, Big B, Bomb Blob, and the most expensive Founder’s Pack at 13,000 coins.


The graphics of Bomb Bots Arena are designed in beautiful 3D. With the robot characters are eye-catching design. Players will be fighting in the arena with thousands of spectators. Moreover, you can also experience many different arenas with players around the world. The audio system also plays an important role in the player experience. Help the game come alive and more interesting.

Bomb Bots Arena MOD APK version

After downloading the Bomb Bots Arena MOD APK, players will receive a large amount of XP after each game is over. By turning on the MOD feature in the MOD Menu, the player can increase their shield. Helps increase resistance to and prevent any harm.

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Shield
  • High XP


If you are looking for an interesting entertainment game for summer days, then Bomb Bots Arena MOD APK is a suggestion for you. Download and enjoy it with your friends in room creation mode. Currently, the game Bomb Bots Arena is released for free on the Google app store. However, players who want to enjoy the MOD version will have to manually install it using the APK file provided by us. Select a link below and click the Download button.

Ready to download Bomb Bots Arena MOD APK (Unlimited Shield, XP)

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