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Update on June 4, 2022 (2 years ago)

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Bomber Online APK is a Casual keets game with action elements, players need to move with high speed and place bombs to defeat opponents.

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Bomber Online has a relatively familiar gameplay for many people. Move between mazes and place bombs so that other players can’t get out. If you love games that need constant movement and flexible manipulation, Bomber Online is a perfect choice. The game of publisher ONESOFT has collected 100K+ downloads only on Google Play Store. Rating is relatively high 4.6/5 stars. I bet you will have memorable relaxing moments with your friends when participating in this game.


Each level of Bomber Online will have 2 people participating. To win you must maintain your life, win the trophy to win. At the start of each level you have two lives. Players need to move continuously through the paths of the maze to avoid bombs placed by the opponent. Each game only lasts 3 minutes, the winner will receive a trophy and a lot of rewards. You can use this reward to shop for personal items.


During the levels, Bomber Online will drop power-ups along the way. Each type has different functions, such as shoes that help you move faster, bombs that give you a larger kill zone. There are some items that will be hidden under wooden crates, and groves. Place bombs to search for them. They will definitely give you an advantage in the match.


Bomber Online is an online game, with the participation of many players from all over the world. You can make new friends, use icons to interact with each other. Create playrooms to invite others to join. Pixel graphics with bright and dark color coordination are very eye-catching. Special character movements and effects will surprise you.


  • Bomber Online is suitable for all types of Android mobile devices, the MOD version will help you collect more rewards.
  • Buy costumes, change the appearance of the character you are controlling.
  • Choose the location to place the bombs wisely, don’t harm yourself.
  • Online playground with the participation of many opponents, creating diverse challenges because each person’s play style is different.

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