Multiplayer interactive games always create a very fun space. What could be more fun than a bunch of best friends getting together, playing games, and having fun together? Bombsquad is such a game, fun and enjoyable.

Overview information

PublisherEric Froemling
MOD FeaturesUnlocked All
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Introducing Bombsquad

Bombsquad is an action game genre, introduced to fans by publisher Eric Froemling and immediately resonated. This game has a lot of content with innovative gameplay waiting for players to explore. But the common point of all modes is that they are very fun, you will definitely have a memorable time with friends with this game. The graphics and sound of the game have a fun side. The characters are designed extremely cute, most of them only have one color: green, red, yellow,… simple. Join us to learn more carefully about this game through the article below!


The game is well received by the players

Bombsquad is an interactive multiplayer game with lots of game modes to choose from. It could be Custom matches to play with friends, or solo 1vs1, or free search, … If your smartphone doesn’t have an Internet connection, a local network connection is required to create a Custom match. According to the majority of players who have experienced it, they all appreciate this game because it is extremely funny. Currently, Bombsquad is being distributed for free on Google Play. On this platform, Bombsquad has over 10 million downloads with 4.4/5 rating points. Such a desirable number, right?

Graphics & sound compelling and engaging


As I mentioned above, Bombsquad’s learning and sound are extremely humorous and engaging. Right for the first time you experience the game, you will see the graphics are designed extremely beautiful, sophisticated, and equally cute. You will control the character under the 3rd perspective – the perspective helps to cover the map. From there, quickly preventing attempts to attack from others.

There are only 8 people in a small arena, and you have to keep moving so you don’t get a boom from others. The way each character with short legs frantically runs around in the arena and their unusual movements are sure to make you laugh. It can be said that the graphics are one of the reasons that this game is so successful.

Show top skill


Bombsquad uses a boom as the primary weapon. You can throw a boom at the opponent and vice versa. You can also blow the boom away. The boom throws and blows are cute and funny. I’m sure you’ll laugh every time an enemy gets destroyed by your boom. The skills of moving, throwing boom, and dodging boom are all quite difficult to master. Should wear, in favor of entertainment, Bombsquad still has extremely high tactics in each game.

MOD APK version of Bombsquad

Bombsquad owns many different game modes, each with a separate interesting point. The characters also have many types. But most of them are locked when you first play. You must accumulate money to unlock each mode and character. But if you want to experience them all, you can use our MOD version.

MOD feature

Unlock all items.

Download Bombsquad MOD APK for Android

An extremely excellent entertainment game, right. Let your family and loved ones have fun moments together through Bombsquad. The latest version of this game has been updated by us at the link below the article!