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Brilliant APK v8.5.0 (Latest Version) Download

Brilliant APK v8.5.0 (Latest Version) Download

Updated: 05-09-2023 (11 months ago)
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Brilliant APK is an educational app for Android phones, tablets, and TV. If you are a lover of math, science,… you definitely will not be able to miss this application. Please click on the link below our article to own and experience this application.

About Brilliant

Math, scientific research,… at home, is that what you are looking for in apps? You want to challenge with thoughtful, logic puzzles. Brilliant is the application that meets all of the above requirements. Application created with the purpose of giving users inspiration in learning and scientific research. Depending on each user, the application of difficulty ranges from 10 to 110. Courses are built on the knowledge and research of teachers, researchers, and experts who have won math awards, science. Therefore, the knowledge that the application provides users is very accurate and in depth. Not only that, if you want to improve your thinking ability, this is the best app for you.

Use Brilliant

Brilliant’s learning method is not passive but extremely thought-provoking. Through puzzles, the application helps you build a more logical way of thinking. Questions often require you to exercise memory or thinking skills. Each course will have from 4 to 6 different questions with increasing difficulty. Completing each question will give you a percentage rating of who answered that question correctly. If you can’t solve a question, don’t worry, click on “Hide explanation” and you’ll get detailed instructions to find the answer. As a result, you can quickly improve your knowledge and thinking ability.

Improving foreign language (English) is absolutely possible when the questions are built in English. So with just one application, you can not only learn scientific knowledge, improve your thinking ability,… but you can also improve your English reading comprehension level.

Basically, the application is divided into 3 different types of courses: Mathematics (blue), Science (yellow), Computer science (pink-orange).

Mastering math

There are 8 different types of courses: logic, algebra, geometry, mathematical thinking,… At first glance, the questions seem simple, but the reality is “no”. To answer the questions correctly you need to practice and think properly. The questions will basically revolve around simple computational numbers or sometimes the positioning of the characters according to a certain thinking requirement. Besides, there will also be many conundrums requiring high thinking around practical issues such as stock trading,…

Learn about science

This is the world for those who love physics, quantum mechanics. Use the physics knowledge you have accumulated during your learning to solve these puzzles. If your physics is not solid, I still recommend taking these courses. Because in difficult questions, you can refer to the available solutions, from which to learn new knowledge.

Become a computer science expert

In the current 4.0 era, the concept of computer science is no longer unfamiliar to us. However, to understand it certainly is not much, these are the courses that are quite challenging. If you are an IT student or working in the IT field, this is the course you should take. Because it will support you from knowledge of Data, Python, Algorithm,… to the amount of more in-depth knowledge like neural networks.

Download Brilliant APK for Android

Participating in learning with Brilliant MOD APK will surely satisfy the curiosity and discovery of science for young people. So what are you waiting for without learning now, please download the app from our link below to experience these quality courses!

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