Bubbu MOD APK v1.120 (Unlimited Money)

Update on October 9, 2023 (2 months ago)

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Bubbu MOD APK v1.120 (Unlimited Money)

Update on October 9, 2023 (2 months ago)

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Bubbu MOD APK is a cute pet game, especially suitable for people who love cute cats. Join this game and take care of the cute cat, help it have the best living environment.

About Bubbu – My Virtual Pet MOD APK

Bubbu - My Virtual Pet MOD APK

Coming to Bubbu- My Virtual Pet, you will meet Bubbu- your new virtual pet. Bubbu is a cat with lovely orange-yellow fur and a face that always shows tenderness. Not only taking care of Bubbu, Bubbu- My Virtual Pet also opens a world of colorful pets and interesting activities for you to explore.

Caring for Bubbu

Whether it’s a virtual pet or a real pet, they all need your care. And so is Bubbu. If you have played other virtual pet games, getting acquainted with Bubbu is also quite easy. Your little cat needs to be fed on time, petted, dressed in cute clothes and bathed regularly. If you have a lot of free time, you can even take Bubbu to dance, meet friends and even take selfies.

Bubbu is also a very affectionate cat, so he always needs your love and cares every day. So take care of Bubbu regularly, make sure your cat is not hungry, bored, sick or sleepy, but always happy. On the left corner of the interface, there is a smiley face icon, it represents Bubbu’s mood. Pay attention to it regularly, if the color in the icon drops, it means Bubbu is feeling depressed, take Bubbu out to help Bubbu feel happier. When night falls, Bubbu needs to go to sleep. If Bubbu doesn’t go to bed on time, your cat will become tired, exhausted and unable to do any fun activities.

Small house decoration for Bubbu

Bubbu - My Virtual Pet MOD APK 2

Bubbu – My Virtual Pet doesn’t just revolve around caring for Bubbu but it extends even further. You can change and decorate the house for Bubbu to become a lovely or luxurious villa. Become a diligent farmer growing vegetables in the garden, taking care of cows and milking every day. Lots of interesting activities are waiting for you. You can even travel to places like cities with your car. This car can also be decorated and upgraded depending on your own creativity.

Make Bubbu the most beautiful cat

Normal Bubbu is already cute, but when he puts on beautiful clothes, he’s even cuter. Bubbu- My Virtual Pet dedicated a whole changing room for Bubbu. There are many different clothes, from cute, beautiful, luxurious to funny. For example, Santa Claus costume for Christmas season, doctor’s suit, policeman’s suit, elegant suit, aboriginal costume, etc. In addition to the available costumes, you can also beautify Bubbu by buying more hair, eyes, glasses and other accessories. You will choose for Bubbu a really trendy outfit and bring your cat. Go meet friends and take a selfie.

Earn lots of money and decorate your virtual pet world

Bubbu - My Virtual Pet MOD APK 1

Some items in Bubbu My Virtual Pet is free. But if you want to give Bubbu the best life, then buy items that sell for coins in the shop. So where do you have to make money? Making money at Bubbu- My Virtual Pet is very simple because the game offers more than 30 fun mini-games for you to explore. Examples are 2048, Paint the Cat, Jump, Pop Balloons, Cheese Builder, Catcher, Cat Connect, Find the Cat, etc. Play soccer and basketball, climb trees, go to the city or even travel into space by rocket to defend your planet against alien invasion. Playing and winning in these minigames will earn you a lot of money.

In addition to the minigames, don’t forget to complete the system’s daily challenges, spin the wheel of fortune every day to earn more rewards. When you complete them, you will receive achievements and rewards with precious diamonds. Diamonds in Bubbu My Virtual Pet are also used to buy items like coins, but they are more advanced and can buy more special items.

Nice graphics

Aimed at players from 3+ and up, the graphics in Bubbu My Virtual Pet are designed in a cute 3D style. Bubbu- My Virtual Pet opens a colorful pet world with cute items and fun games. Bubbu – My Virtual Pet not only brings interesting moments of entertainment but also gives us more useful pet care knowledge.

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