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If you are troubled by spam calls because you do not know who the unknown numbers are calling, let CallApp MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) help you solve that problem. This is an application for Android mobile devices. It has a lot of useful and unique features that almost no other application possesses.

About CallApp MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) – Caller ID & Recording

The function of listening and calling is essentially a very basic function of a mobile phone. However, there are times when we face trouble when we constantly receive spam calls, advertising calls. Or sometimes not knowing who the caller on the other side is, leading to missing information because many of us have a habit of not answering calls from unknown numbers. To overcome this situation, a great application was launched called CallApp. It will help you solve all your problems with great features that you never expected such as ID control to identify the other end of the line, block spam calls, automatically record calls,… Many features are waiting for you to discover. Thanks to the high applicability of CallApp, it has attracted nearly a million downloads on the Google Play Store. Not only that, it also received a relatively high rating of 4.3/5 stars. Do not wait any longer, quickly download and enjoy the utilities that CallApp brings!

Identify caller information by display ID number

You will be curious why CallApp can know the information of strange numbers, right? Simply thanks to the technology that identifies the caller ID and gives the basic information of that phone number. This application controls the ID information of more than 3.5 billion phone numbers. Never have to start with the question “Who’s on the other end of the line?” because you completely know the information of that person as soon as they call. You can even tell if it’s a promotional call or not. From capturing the information of the incoming call, you determine whether you should listen or reject it so as not to waste time.

Automatically block spam calls

CallApp will deal with requests to block spam phone numbers immediately. There are phone numbers that keep calling to annoy you even though you have rejected it, you can completely choose to blacklist it. And since then, that number can never bother you again. Minimize the risk of being exposed to advertising calls, calls using chatbots, scam calls,… CallApp does its best to ensure your privacy.

Automatic call recording feature

One of the other great features of CallApp is that it can help you record conversations. ACR recorder is useful when you want to save the information of the call. For example, your customer calls and wants to order your product. Press the REC record button during the call to let the application help you save, then you can listen back and determine what type of product the customer ordered, how much, the delivery address, .. Because we can’t always record that information right away, right? The recording will be stored on the application’s cloud platform for users to open and listen to again anytime they want.

Simple interface

CallApp’s interface is simple but still appreciated because it is easy to use. Users immediately grasp how to use it without any instructions. You can also set a background image for your call. For example, set the wallpaper as your family photo and when your father, mother or brother calls, that wallpaper will appear. This feature greatly contributes to the increase of aesthetics. Those who are especially interested in this aspect will love changing the wallpaper.


Recently, some users shared that they encountered a situation where they could not record calls automatically. Even though they turned on the recording feature, it didn’t work at all which annoyed them very much. Responding to user comments, the publisher of CallApp has recognized users’ contributions and is ready to help them solve the problem. They also promise to upgrade the app so that every user has a better experience. Really, the people who have problems are just a very small number out of hundreds of thousands of people so don’t worry too much about its quality.

Download CallApp MOD APK for Android

The CallApp application offered on the Google Play Store is free to download, but if you want to use all the features, you have to pay an extra fee to upgrade your account to Premium. With the CallApp MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) version that we provide, you will not need to pay any extra fees and still carefree use all the features of the application.

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