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Update on April 15, 2023 (10 months ago)

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Camera360 MOD APK is a free and professional photography application and image editor. Camera360 has become very popular for all photography enthusiasts because of its extremely rich set of photography and photo editing tools, and a variety of beauty effect themes.

Camera360 MOD APK includes hundreds of beauty effects with many different themes such as: christmas, birthday, Halloween… Besides, the application also allows users to freely control parameters to edit the most beautiful face , increase or decrease skin brightness. Even users who take photos or image editors fully utilize the above beauty effect functions. In addition, users can also record short videos with cute music and current trends.


The new interface of the application has just been updated to an upgraded version. You are free to choose the function using the application such as: edit images, challenge with all photographic effects or experience something new every day with the wonderful test room. Each function displayed on the interface will bring you surprises and interesting experiences when you click to explore each function.


Colorful filters, rich photography themes and photo editors will create super beautiful photos. From the classic retro style, the artistic flair of movies or the mysterious style of black and white… all appear in this application’s diverse filters. Feel free to browse through and choose your favorite filter to capture and your stylish image editor. Explore the huge filter to create a variety of photos that reflect the diverse styles of you and those around you.


You want to transform into a cute cat, want to be a powerful lady or gentleman or you want to be a Japanese anime cartoon character, all of which you will try in the application’s visual effects store. More than a hundred effects with various themes are waiting for you to use. Transform into many different images by swiping and clicking the desired visual effect. Besides using effects to take photos or edit images, you can also use them to record short videos to save lovely moments with your friends and relatives.


If you want to make your nose smaller, make your nose higher, or want to reduce your face, increase your eyelids and make your eyes bigger or smaller, more beautiful, use the control function. face ratio editing toolbar. Drag left to make the part of the face smaller you want to edit, or drag right to make the parts of your face bigger. Besides editing the face ratio, you can also edit to raise or lower your skin tone.


Similar to the face ratio editing function, you will also use the toolbar to increase or decrease your skin color. If you love healthy, honeyed skin, please reduce the parameter and want to make the skin tone brighter, increase the maximum parameter. In addition to changing skin color, your skin smoothing will also change according to the parameter when you adjust the skin tone adjustment bar.


There are too many beauty functions to support photography and image editing in this application, in addition to the function of adjusting face ratio, and changing skin color, you can also try out many makeup tones of your own. Selection. All makeup tools from lipstick, eyeliner, blush, and eyeshadow… have a lot of colors for you to use to create many different layouts. Become a cute girl with light makeup and can also become a strong, attractive, and personality girl with bold, sharp makeup.


You can completely use more cute stickers from the application’s sticker store. More than a hundred stickers, including animated stickers, will add an interesting and impressive accent to each photo you output. What’s better than a photo that attracts many likes when combined with a super cute sticker set. Discover and use many of the hottest stickers in the app’s sticker store.


  • Professional image capture and editor with a variety of beauty tools.
  • Record short videos with the richest and hottest effects set today.
  • Freely adjust the proportions of the parts of the face, and choose your favorite makeup style.
  • Synthesize hundreds of extremely cool filters, and excellent image colors, including artistic film colors.
  • Color quality, sharp images, high-quality standards.

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