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Candy: LGBTQ MOD APK v1.0.19 (Free Premium Choices)

Candy: LGBTQ MOD APK v1.0.19 (Free Premium Choices)

Updated: 21-11-2021 (3 years ago)
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A daring game, with fresh content and gameplay attracting from developer Lit Games Development – Candy: LGBTQ MOD APK. It can be seen that Candy: LGBTQ is not only an entertaining game but also a spiritual platform for people in the LGBT community.


It cannot be denied that at first, the LBGT community was an unacceptable thing in the vast majority of countries around the world, even the Western countries used to consider this a great taboo. However, as the world gradually developed, people also realized that old old thinking was wrong, and people gradually opened up about this issue. This also helps people from the LGBT community to become more confident and free to do what they love, which is inherent in their hearts. This has also become an inspiration for filmmakers and game developers to create new owners. However, we also know that although people are also more open now, there are still many communities and societies still stigmatizing this issue, generally making LBGT people in that area live very much. pressure. When they do not have sympathy from people in the world around them, they have to drop their souls into the pages of books and movies to be themselves. And Candy: LGBTQ was born not only for business and entertainment purposes but also for that.

Candy: LGBTQ is a game from publisher Lit Games Development. The game belongs to the novel role-playing genre, which contains stories about love and friendship in the Candy community: LGBTQ. I hope that after you experience this game, you will become loving life and happy, positive in life. As well as people will have a more objective view of people in the LGBT community

Great stories

You will be free to choose your favorite story. There are dozens of love stories from sweet, pure to modern, from happy to sad, emotional. In these stories, you will become the main character, a dating simulator with other characters in the game. With a unique and charismatic storyline, Candy: LGBTQ will bring you emotions after feelings.

Do you want to experience love between an innocent, special emotional college student with your classroom teacher. Or incarnate into a beautiful, beautiful, and charming girl, but fall in love with your assistant? Even incarnating into the beautiful goddess of an ancient kingdom, but did you go against your mission and follow the call of love?

Will you choose rationally?

Regardless of the genre, stories in Candy: LGBTQ always follow the real world and give players a lot of real feelings. So Candy: LGBTQ allows players to express all their emotions and preferences in this game. Players use their own emotions and reason to come up with solutions to events that take place. Trouble still happens sometimes, but don’t worry because you can still do it over and fix it. Even those troubles also give you a lot of unforgettable moments, good memories.

Easy to reach

In terms of gameplay, most games of this genre are very simple and easy to access. Players only need to follow the storyline and make reasonable choices for themselves. For each situation, each choice you choose will lead to a different ending to the story, so think and choose carefully before making your decision.

Install Candy: LGBTQ MOD APK

To install Candy: LGBTQ MOD APK for Android, you need to do a few steps below.

  1. Download our Candy: LGBTQ MOD APK file.
  2. On your device, search the APK file you just downloaded and install.
  3. Follow the installation steps and complete.

Download Candy: LGBTQ MOD APK for Android

Candy: LGBTQ is a great game, entertaining, and also full of humanity. You will learn a lot, from love to friendship, how to handle situations that you can apply in real life. Download this fun game through the link we provide and experience it.

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