Car Shop Tycoon
Car Shop Tycoon

Car Shop Tycoon Mod APK v1.23 (Free Ads)

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App Name Car Shop Tycoon
Mod Features Free Ads
Version 1.23
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About Car Shop Tycoon MOD APK

Explore the car business in the game Car Shop Tycoon MOD APK. You will be the manager of a lot of car shops everywhere in your neighborhood, with the ability to do business and arrange the operation of the stores, the car whirlwind in this game will become more and more popular. You enjoy challenging experiences in different game modes.

Build an auto empire

You open a car factory and operate cars from two white tables and you take advantage of all the equipment the game has to offer. Build automakers to start producing new, unique cars. You are free to design the cars you create to start attracting car customers at the store you operate and set up all the management in the whirlwind auto business.

Car inspection process

Factories operate continuously and are serviced to check their cars before paying. Your task is to manage all activities of the store, including vehicle quality control, arrange reasonable human resources so that customers do not have to wait long when checking the cars they have bought. Every car sold and customer satisfaction rating your store revenue will increase.

Discover more famous car models

Enhance your car portfolio with a variety of car models from major brands. Take advantage of the revenue you earn from your business to upgrade your car sales system. The car whirlwind comes from the business, the fact that many competitors open car factories to compete with you will need you to have a business strategy on the car brands you need to upgrade.

Arrange and build car parking

In addition to the function of managing the car store, you also have another task in the upgraded levels, which is to arrange and build a reasonable car parking. With this challenge requires you to have a large budget and skillfully put the cars in the right place to facilitate relocation when the owner needs to get the car. Control everything with the function button on the game interface and manage every movement of the game with this function button.

Graphics and sound effects

Simple graphics are not too invested in terms of images, character creation, car models are not special. Vivid sound effects with noises from the crowd, car horns when checking cars and vibrant background music make you want to explore the car whirlwind in this game even more.

Download now Car Shop Tycoon MOD APK to have a really interesting experience with the car business and immerse yourself in the car whirlwind of this game.

Download (76M)
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