Casting Away
Casting Away

Casting Away Mod APK v0.0.56 (Unlimited Runes/Resources)

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App Name Casting Away
Mod Features Unlimited Runes/Resources
Version 0.0.56
Size 96M
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Casting Away MOD APK is not simply a normal fishing game but also a survival fishing game. Your task is to renovate the deserted island to establish your own land and find a way to survive – a fishing game on a dreamy island.

This is the voyage of a famous A-list star who died in an aircraft crash to a remote island. This A-lister was in a car accident while on vacation and ended up on a deserted island. You awaken alone on the island’s emptiness and desolation. Furthermore, you are surrounded by mysterious aura energy everywhere, but don’t let this feeling distract you from your primary goal of surviving on the island. Casting Away is the place to begin your fantastic fishing trip.


Collect various materials available on the deserted island and build your own empire. Keep in mind this will be the main mission in this survival game. Show your ingenuity and determination to transform this wasteland into a livable place. The deserted island place will be a good platform for creativity and design. Whether your island is lively and attractive depends on your thinking ability and imagination.


There are thousands of beautiful and mysterious fish for you to discover and harness. Working hard to collect fish is a way to help you get closer to the destination of the mission in the game. The abundance of fish will make you feel like you are lost in a beautiful natural world, and it’s great when you can immerse yourself in that vast space. If you are lucky enough and know how to seize the opportunity, then the reward chest will find you. Exciting rewards will give you more ingredients to make this deserted island an ideal and livable place.


Not only does seafood come from nature, but you can also raise livestock and poultry by yourself to serve your daily needs. This is also one of the most attractive features of the game; you are not confined to any framework at all. This is your world, your home; build and nurture what is available to you to turn this place into a real paradise, not just an isolated island. You will become a real farmer through your own farming achievements, and these achievements will be the main resource to support you in this deserted island experience.


This is an island that humans have never explored, so the landscape will still retain its inherent beauty—floating on the sea by a small boat to enjoy the freshness of heaven and earth along with the cool breeze, clear blue water, and stillness. Pictures of romantic sunsets and moons will be depicted with delicate and detailed lines. The sight of a brilliant sunrise on the sea is something that no one can ignore when coming to this land.

Incredibly idyllic and poetic is the quiet and shy sunset. The harsh sunlight will now give way to the gentle moonlight, the cool breeze, the salty scent of the sea will make you lost in the wonderland. All these details will be depicted in real-time and space in real life, giving you the feeling of a highly peaceful parallel world existing. A real vacation will appear before your eyes if you know how to arrange things reasonably and scientifically.


Another impressive feature of Casting Away is the soothing sound of the game. After a long day of work and worries, turn on the game right away to regain balance for your body. The ASMR sound will take away the stress and fatigue of life and make way for a peaceful and peaceful soul. Let go of all the pressure when coming to Casting Away; the game will give you the peaceful feeling of the waves of the remote island. Playing games will now be the most optimal solution for your mental stress.


Collect hearts from cute little fish to open mysterious chests. This will be your chance to fill up your aquarium. Create your own tank full of sea creatures, embellishing life more fully and poetically. Imagine how wonderful a huge aquarium filled with colorful, beautiful creatures would be. Under skillful hands and a flexible mind, another small house will be formed impressively and sparklingly.


  • Complete the most crucial quest in Casting Away to build and renovate your own empire on a deserted island.
  • Hunt for abundant resources far offshore to collect coins.
  • Grow more agricultural products to cover life in the wilderness.
  • Feel and enjoy what nature favors on the island that no one has ever set foot on.
  • The aquarium is also a valuable premium feature in Casting Away.
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