Cat and Ghostly Road APK

September 17, 2020

Download Cat and Ghostly Road APK to follow the white cat to rescue the person who saved his life. Players can download the game for free by following our article.

Overview information

PublisherOles Berezhetskiy
MOD FeaturesPaid
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About Cat and Ghostly Road

Cat and Ghostly Road is an adventure game released by Oles Berezhetskiy. Before that, this game has been available on Steam since February 2020. The main gameplay is the point and click. In it, you play the role of a white cat. Go through the journey to the devil world, bring back the soul of the person who saved it.


Cat and Ghostly Road APK

On winter days, when the weather is cold, our main character is a white cat with no home to go home. He wandered in the blizzard. Suddenly, a man came out of the cottage and embraced that white cat and had the intention of helps him. Give it a warm place to live before winter passes. However, one day, an unfortunate thing happened to the man. A strange ghost took his soul away. Witnessing that strange event, the cat decided to find out the reason and save the life of the person who saved it.

Scary adventure of the white cat

Cat and Ghostly Road APK

The main gameplay of Cat and Ghostly Road is a point and click. Players will have to find objects to interact with them by clicking. The objects in this house are very strange. Not all of them look like they are simple. To be able to see their true form, you need special eyes. And it is the white cat that can see everything that happens. From there, the journey of the white cat begins. Find the demonic world to save the soul of the man who helps it.


Cat and Ghostly Road APK

The graphics in Cat and Ghostly Road bring players to the limit of fear. It gives you the thrills only in horror games. The background in the game brings a scary dark color. Moreover, the background music system of the game also gives players goosebumps. If you are a faint hearted person, do not risk your life to play this game.

Install Cat and Ghostly Road APK

This app package contains a built-in cache. Just install the APK file and the cache will decompress automatically.

  1. Download the Cat and Ghostly Road APK file below the article.
  2. Turn on “Install from unknown sources”.
  3. Proceed to install the APK as usual.
  4. Open and enjoy.

Please note that such installation takes longer than usual and requires a lot of free internal memory and some free RAM.

Download Cat and Ghostly Road APK for Android

Cat and Ghostly Road is currently on sale for $5 on the Google Play store. However, you can also experience it for free by installing APK. Select the link to download the Cat and Ghostly Road installation file.