Colorize it

v1.1.5 • MOD Premium Unlocked
December 11, 2020

Colorize it MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) is a coloring tool for black and white photos through AI artificial intelligence. In this article, we want to give users the unlocked version of all premium features. You can download and install it through the APK file we have provided.

Overview information

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Introducing Colorize it

Sometimes you find in your home a black and white photo album from the olden days, pictures of yourself from childhood or that of grandparents or parents left behind. You wonder, what did the person who took that picture actually see? You also cannot imagine what the old scenery looked like because the photos taken were in black and white. Although it is not possible to color exactly what the photographer saw, only by adding color, and then magic happens! the scene comes to life in your eyes, you and the photographer have never been so close.

Colorize it is developed by software company ReAImagine, a company specializing in the development of application products related to artificial intelligence and image processing. Their products, including Colorize it, are not inferior to the premium products offered by major companies, for which Colorize it is completely free. Users can spend money to use some premium features, but in this article, we will provide it for free to users.

Easy to use and manipulate

Only when using Colorize it, you will be amazed how easy it is to use. On the main screen, only 2 options are to select photos from the gallery and take pictures. You can search for old black and white photos in your gallery or you can take a photo of memories that have faded. After that, your photo will be colored automatically, you can save the colored photo immediately, or customize with the options available to create the perfect image. Extremely easy, right?

Coloring old pictures

The main function of Colorize it is to color black and white photos. However, not only black and white photos, even if you have a set of photos that have turned brown, yellow,… Colorize it will also easily recognize, perform coloring for that photo. You can also create your own collages by selecting colored areas, increasing or decreasing brightness, contrast,…

Using AI artificial intelligence

One interesting point is that Colorize it does not know in advance the color of the image. By analyzing millions of black and white photos through AI, recognizing the colors of the scene. Colorize it will determine what objects are in your photo, and choose the right color for that object. Make the overall picture logical. This does not mean that the actual scene at that time was exactly the same as the photo that Colorize it showed, but Colorize it continued to evolve. Maybe at some point, you will have the correct answer to the question: What did the photographer then see?

Best of all, your phone won’t have to handle all of this complicated photo analysis. Your photo will be uploaded to Colorize It’s the system, AI will analyze, color, and then return you a complete color photo. So Colorize it works very quickly even when your phone does not have a high profile. In addition, the size of the application is not large (only about 27MB). Colorize it also commits not to store your photos on the system. So, you can rest assured when using this application.

MOD APK version of Colorize it

MOD features

  • Unlock Premium features
  • Remove unwanted permissions
  • Block updates

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Download Colorize it MOD APK for Android

With such a great feature, Colorize it MOD APK will definitely not disappoint you when taking up space on your device! Download it and let us know your opinion in the comments, we’ll be happy to hear from you!