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Cooking Live MOD APK brings you to a new culinary world and unearthed creativity. In this game, you will be an influential boss and receive the help of many friends.

You are dreaming of opening a restaurant full of delicious food in the world, and Cooking Live will help you do it. This is a modern game, the player will be the little owner Jane, and you have a unique ability. Previously you were known as the owner of famous blogs about food and restaurants, and now you want to explore your own possibilities further. The game wants you to be able to conquer challenges yourself and turn them into your own unique advantages.


In Cooking Live you will be the young Jane full of ambition and ambition to conquer new things. Before, you were a girl who owned a series of famous blogs about famous restaurants and modern dishes. Now you go back and fulfill your long-cherished dream of opening your own restaurant. This dream has been around for a long time, and now you have enough experience to open a restaurant.

Cooking Live – restaurant game

You will be exposed to hundreds of great cultures and enjoy thousands of delicious dishes from around the world so that you will know a lot about food. You’ve built your own idea, and you start making the restaurant. This problem will be easy for you because the game will always provide you with a series of useful features for you to use. More specifically, this help will help you a lot, even the most minor problem.


After you have completed the restaurant, you need to prepare the utensils and ingredients to perform the cooking. First, you need to arrange the items in the appropriate positions to ensure the beauty and convenience of your work. You can also assign such tasks to your friends because they are willing to accept offers from you. Thanks to friends, you will reduce the burden in this game.

Cooking Live – restaurant game

You are ready to prepare the first dishes, and you also need to offer the most attractive promotions. Gradually, customers know your store more, and thanks to the attractiveness of the food that has created your brands. Players also need to change the menu to be richer to keep up with customers’ needs. Get feedback and start working on it gradually to make it perfect.


It would help if you also changed the menu as well as the decoration of the restaurant to increase the restaurant’s capacity. In particular, you should also hire more staff and call for the help of famous chefs. You need to add fresh ingredients to the restaurant’s kitchen and ensure hygiene and safety. The menu will continually add new dishes to create new changes and gradually create its inherent diversity. New dishes will make the soul of the restaurant more innovative and unique than before.

Cooking Live – restaurant game

Players should also upgrade the restaurant management system in a modern and creative way. Building a new supply chain will create an attraction for other users as well. You should also upgrade the modern machinery and equipment system for the restaurant to create certain perfections. You should also participate in big competitions because you learn more valuable experiences for yourself thanks to these contests.

Through here, Cooking Live seems to bring a perfect look just for you. Players will be able to discover special abilities on their own and begin to discover many cuisines of different countries. This creates special connections and helps you own a huge amount. Players will also always have enthusiastic help from friends, and they are ready to accept invitations from you. Take your restaurant to the world and get rave reviews.

Cooking Live – restaurant game


  • Become a small owner and start building yourself a restaurant that fits what you want.
  • Discover all your abilities and apply the most extraordinary and modern formulas in the world.
  • Invite the help of friends, and they are also famous chefs to help you grow the most robust store.
  • Create a friendly relationship between employees and those who come to enjoy receiving the most positive compliments.
  • Add new dishes to the menu and change the restaurant according to the wishes you set out from the beginning.

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