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Update on June 14, 2022 (2 years ago)

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Cooking Simulator Mobile MOD APK is an extremely attractive cooking simulation game for mobile phones. Become a real chef on your phone right now by clicking the Download button to own the latest version of this game.


Cooking is a skill that has been in humans since time immemorial since people are still in rock caves and living in swarms. But after so many years, no other animal but humans can do so. Cooking not only preserves food, but it also helps us to make better use of nutrients and better taste when eating them. In addition, it is also one of the metrics to evaluate modern humans, although the level is different, more or less we have cooked. If you’ve never done that before, or there are many things you haven’t tried. It’s nice to have a tool to help us practice before doing the actual practice. Cooking Simulator Mobile game is what you have been looking for for a long time, the most authentic cooking game available today. The game is released on many gaming devices such as consoles, computers. Now a more compact version of it has been designed specifically for mobile phones. You can cook anytime, anywhere, enjoy the game in your short spare time.


You will be playing the role of a new chef. But unfortunately, you have been given the responsibility of cooking for a large restaurant. And of course, your kitchen also contains countless utensils, cooking ingredients for you to freely use. At first, the diners are quite easygoing, asking you for the simplest items on the menu such as soup or french fries. You can both get used to the game while relaxing is still more than enough time. But the more later, the more orders, the shorter the time, the more complicated dishes. It is imperative that you put your legs on your neck, or the restaurant’s reputation will decline.


In career mode, you will turn to make orders in order from easy to difficult, from a long time to short time, from one item at a time to many items at a time. The difficulty will increase more and more until your limit is reached, the more demanding customers will not come again and you will stay like that until your skills continue to improve. In free game mode, you are provided with unlimited money, make any dish you like, or even destroy the kitchen without anyone to stop you.


If you say the game will cook with a few simple buttons, you won’t be able to do that with this game. You have to prepare your own food, cook it, and serve it with your own hands. The game only helps you to master the cooking tools, and how you rotate the direction, lift and set, are controlled by you. The ingredients are also made extremely detailed, tailored to your actions. If you cut the potato in half, the potato will split in half, but if you cut it a little slightly, the potato will split exactly the same way. It’s interesting, isn’t it. I believe that if you have mastered the game, cooking in practice will not be a difficult job anymore.


Since it is a simulation game, the producer tries to make the game as realistic as possible. Except that the controls will be different from reality, you won’t feel like you’re playing games or cooking. Because of these realistic graphics, you need a gaming device with a mid-range or higher configuration for the smoothest game experience.


In career mode, you are only given a certain amount. Purchasing the ingredients costs money and when you serve the dish you get paid. So you will not have much chance to correct if you spoil the dish too much. If you are not a dexterity, but still want to try out playing this mode, use our Cooking Simulator Mobile MOD APK. The revised version gives you a lot of money, feel free to buy whatever ingredients you like, as much as you want.


After having a great experience with this game, are you confident enough to show off cooking an actual dish? Whether or not, don’t forget to share your gaming experience with us in the article’s comments.

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