Last updated: December 11th, 2020

Join the kitchen and show your cooking skills right away with the extremely attractive cooking simulation game Cooking Tasty MOD APK. Download the latest version of this game right away from the link we provide below.

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Introducing Cooking Tasty

The cooking genre is not new, but every time a new game comes out, they always attract a lot of attention. Undeniably the attractiveness and appeal of these games. Whether you are male or female, young or adult can play. And today I’m going to introduce a new cooking game called Cooking Tasty: Restaurant La Cuisine from ONESOFT producer. This is a fast-paced cooking game where you can satisfy your passion for being a chef.


Cooking Tasty Restaurant La Cuisine MOD APK

In Cooking Tasty: Restaurant La Cuisine you will be both work as a waiter and main chef. However, there is still a waitress who shares the work with you, so you do not need to worry too much about doing many things. At first, the place you work is a small shop with a handful of tools. You will have to use kitchen equipment such as frying pans, rice cookers, and pizza ovens to cook for your hungry diners. Just drag and drop the ingredients needed to cook and tap to serve your customers. This work will not be easy because the number of customers will increase.

Every day you will be asked to serve a specific number of customers. Your only task is to reach the required number and make the guests as satisfied as possible. The more levels you complete, the more you will unlock more places, equipment, and cooking ingredients.

Customer service

Cooking Tasty Restaurant La Cuisine MOD APK

Oh! A customer is entering the door. The first thing that you need to do is take note of the customer’s request and then do what they ask. Be careful because if you serve the wrong food, your satisfaction will decrease. This directly affects the reputation of the restaurant as well as the amount of money you will receive. A little tip is that you should serve in turn to avoid customers waiting too long and leaving.

Discover cuisine around the world

Cooking Tasty: Restaurant La Cuisine offers you thousands of different recipes. At each level, you only need to make a few certain dishes. After playing for a while, don’t forget to unlock and upgrade your kitchen appliances. This will help you finish the dishes more quickly.


Background, characters, and food in Cooking Tasty: Restaurant La Cuisine is designed in a beautiful and fun 3D style. In general, this game has the same design as other games of the same genre. In addition, Cooking Tasty: Restaurant La Cuisine is also shown from a first-person perspective. So you can experience a more realistic way, just like you are actually working.

MOD APK version of Cooking Tasty: Restaurant La Cuisine

MOD features

  • Unlimited money.
  • Free shopping.

Install Cooking Tasty: Restaurant La Cuisine MOD APK

To install Cooking Tasty: Restaurant La Cuisine MOD APK, you need to follow a few steps below.

  1. Delete original version.
  2. Download the MOD APK file we provide.
  3. Proceed to install the APK as usual.
  4. Open and experience the game.

Download Cooking Tasty: Restaurant La Cuisine MOD APK for Android

Overall, Cooking Tasty: Restaurant La Cuisine has done a great job of it. Cook, explore different cuisines with Cooking Tasty: Restaurant La Cuisine. Are you ready to experience?