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Cool EM Launcher MOD APK v7.8.1 (Prime Unlocked)

Cool EM Launcher MOD APK v7.8.1 (Prime Unlocked)

Updated: 11-03-2024 (4 months ago)
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Cool EM Launcher
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Prime Unlocked
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Cool EM Launcher MOD APK is an Android phone interface launcher application with many interface designs from wallpapers to rich icons. You will get a unique and constantly changing phone interface without worrying about being bored every time you use your phone. Simple installation, quick interface synchronization, Cool EM Launcher MOD APK will bring a multifunctional experience of great interface to your phone.


Just like other interface installation applications, Cool EM Launcher MOD APK owns a series of wallpaper templates with many different styles. The wallpaper store of this application will give you many choices with a variety of wallpaper patterns from simple to outstanding for your phone and there are even live wallpaper patterns for you to explore and choose. You just need to search for your favorite wallpaper theme and click agree immediately, your entire interface will be replaced.


In addition to a variety of wallpaper templates, you will also discover a huge icon store. The drawings and colors of the icon store come with wallpaper templates, making it easier for you to choose without spending too much time assimilating the interface many times. More than 1000 wallpaper templates equivalent to 1000 icon packs for you to choose from, changing the interface continuously.


You can completely search for different user application names on the phone interface through this application. Hold and drag to the first letter of the app you’re looking for for quicker access thanks to the alphabet on the right side of the screen. For example, if you want to quickly search to access the facebook application, you just need to hold down the right edge of the screen and drag to find the letter f, immediately on the phone screen appears a series of applications for containing the first letter. is the letter f for you to select applications that need quick access.


This feature allows you to hide peeping programs on your desktop from unauthorized access. You can completely password protect hidden apps for extra protection. Three different color modes for you to choose and activate: Light boot mode, Dark boot mode, Auto mode… If you haven’t read any important notifications or messages, they will displayed on the boot screen to make sure you don’t miss any important information.

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