Last updated: November 8, 2020

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Build a new civilization on the stars in the universe right in the simulation game Cosmos Quest MOD APK. Download the version we provide now to get more free resources.

Introducing Cosmos Quest

Games in the simulation genre have never let us down as more and more unique products are being released continuously. Today, I will introduce to you a new game from Kongregate developer called Cosmos Quest. Coming to this game, you will be able to play the role of a timeless astronaut, go to distant planets and build civilization there.


Coming to Cosmos Quest, you will have the task of opening a new era for pristine planets. Construct homes, buildings for residents, install factories, streets, and generate energy. You can also form an army of heroes to protect your empire as well as fight other enemies.

Build homes and more

The first thing you need to do in Cosmos Quest is to build a house. House construction not only creates accommodation for residents but also creates energy. In Cosmos Quest, energy is the base currency. Each building completed will generate energy per second and you can use them to build other buildings. On each building, there is also information that allows you to check the number of times it builds and how much energy it generates.

Study buildings

With that said, you can check the number of times you build a house. Each building will limit the number of construction times. Let’s say you test an arbitrary building and it shows 137/300. This means you’ve built 137 times and the building limit is 300. Once the building reaches its maximum limit, Cosmos Quest will allow you to research and explore. This will take a lot of blueprints. The research will help your buildings increase energy production.

Heroes in Cosmos Quest

Every day you can visit the store and get free orbs. These presents will open up heroes. There are five types of bridges including Basic, Premium, Legendary, and Elite bridges that correspond to the quality of the heroes it offers. Or you can also watch a video ad to get more free bridges. If you have multiple Universal Marble (premium currency), you can exchange them for bridges.

PvE matches

After building your empire and collecting a certain number of heroes. You can build a team and join battles with monsters in PvE mode. Each team will have up to five of the best heroes. Try to fight and win three stars. The more missions you complete, the more rewards you will get.

Hero upgrade

Upgrading heroes will help your team fight better and winning three stars will not be too far away. Upgrading heroes needs population. By completing quests or participating in modes will help you gather more inhabitants.

The MOD APK version of Cosmos Quest

MOD feature

  • Unlimited money

Download Cosmos Quest MOD APK for Android

Cosmos Quest contains a lot in one game – constructive gameplay, cool fighting, and idle elements. Building work in Cosmos Quest will be a lot simpler when you use the MOD APK version that we provide below.