Cozy Islands MOD APK v0.0.25 (Unlimited Money)

Update on April 28, 2023 (7 months ago)

Cozy Islands MOD APK v0.0.25 (Unlimited Money)

Update on April 28, 2023 (7 months ago)

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Cozy Islands


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Unlimited Money

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Cozy Island MOD APK, the game developed by Tetrox Limited, is finally available to Android users which is great news for those who prefer to play games a little more relaxed. Now, a user finds himself in an island’s tourist camp, where he has to interact with hundreds of other people on vacation.

Download and play Cozy Islands, A Crafting and Building Game on PC using MuMu Player and enjoy the game now. If you are still looking for a fun game for you and your children to play, then quickly own Cozy Islands a Craft & Build. Cozy Islands – craft & build has gained popularity as developers strive to show maximum realism in the animal world.


A high-quality adventure simulator for Android capable of giving you the most vivid impressions and hours of fun entertainment in the companionship of funny heroes. In the Cozy Islands – craft & build, you will come to Cozy Islands – a place with extremely beautiful nature and a wonderful atmosphere, where you have to build a village on a small island on a wasteland, using only his skills as well as improvisational means of improvisation.


Cozy Islands – craft & build is about researching, building, crafting, mining resources and completing quests, as well as discovering the charming inhabitants of Cozy Island. You can download the game for free on Android and not only create a great place to live, but also design the whole town, build unique houses and help the villagers in their daily activities. them, in return receive valuable items. Also Cozy Islands – craft & build has nice graphics, interesting background music, high-quality game mechanics and lots of game content.


Have you ever felt too tired with work or study in a busy city? Many people leave the noisy city to return to the countryside to live a free and comfortable life. If you can’t make this wish come true, try playing the game Cozy Islands. This game relaxes you because it brings you back to the peaceful country life on a beautiful island. Coming to the unspoiled island, you will start a new wave and build your own village.


At the start of the game, you are taken to a charming island, the Cozy Islands. This island is not known to many people and is not developed for tourism either. It is an ideal place to live a peaceful life with nature. From the land full of trees, you have to mine, explore the beautiful place to start building a place to live. Little by little, you turn it into a dream village. This is your childhood village. After the construction is completed, it is also necessary to regularly repair and improve the quality of houses. You are free to design the style, interior and decoration of the house according to your preferences. Thus, you will feel the warmth and familiarity of this place.

With this gameplay and visual style, a cute island makes you feel at home and happy in the countryside. This game relaxes you because it brings you back to the quiet life of the countryside, in the beautiful islands. On a beautiful island you are not alone, you can meet the inhabitants of the island or the surrounding small islands.

The land is full of trees, you have to dig up and explore a beautiful island to start building a place to live. Using your construction skills, you build the dream village where the islanders will live, improving their lives little by little. Cutting down trees, building houses and living a trouble-free teenage life is all there is to this game. waiting for you in this beautiful simulation. Cozy Islands MOD APK is a simulation game that allows you to start a peaceful rural life. Download Cozy Islands MOD APK, which has an accessible menu where you can enable or disable unlimited money and resource features.

The player is allowed to craft decorations to place on an island, as long as he knows the recipe and has the necessary ingredients. Everything, like the setting, the characters, the environment in a beautiful island, is created with great realism and detail.

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