Last updated: September 10th, 2020

Cut and Paint MOD APK is an unlimited money version that allows players to use the money to unlock all colors in the store. Moreover, you can also unlock the wood, the different paint spraying machines.

PublisherGood Job Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Introducing Cut and Paint

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a sculptor? For it to come true, you should first play Cut and Paint to get a glimpse of the art. This simulation game will turn you into a sculptor. Proficient in laser cutting and self-made work of pieces of wood. Then spray paint on them and auction them off to interested guests. Built and developed by Good Job Games. Currently on Google Play has more than 10 million installs. It can be said that this is a game loved by young audiences.


As you all know, simulation games won’t have any storylines. In the game, you will not have to fight with any other characters. You are the only character, creating your own masterpieces of art.

At the beginning of the game, players will be provided with a piece of rudimentary wood. In the beginning, you’ll have to polish the piece of wood to make it smoother. In the next step, players need to shape the pictures they want to draw, then use a laser to sculpt them to create a satisfactory frame. Next is the most interesting part of the game, which is spray paint. You can use pre-cut sheets of paper and then press them over the wood. Then, use colorful paint sprayers to spray on them to create a perfect picture. However, for a painting to be soulful, you need to match the colors so harmoniously.

After completing the work, you can auction it to interested guests. You can only choose one of your favorite people. Please choose the one who offers the highest price for the painting. This gives you a decent amount of money. Interesting is not it?


When starting the game, the player will be provided with some basic colors for drawing. However, due to the nature of the work and the requirements of the increasingly demanding customers, such a small number of paint was not enough to use. Players need to spend some money (in the game) to be able to unlock more different paint cans.

Moreover, you also need to unlock different woods. The rarity of the wood will make the picture more valuable for those hard-to-reach guests. To unlock, players need to spend some virtual money in the game. With some money, you will be randomly unlocked a piece of wood. Collect for yourself a variety of wood to make your work more diverse.

When bored with old paint sprayers, you can unlock more models of paint sprayers with different shapes. You will be randomly unlocked for 300 coins.


The graphics in Cut and Paint are designed to be simple. Players will be able to see the colors from their own paint sprayer. Because the gameplay is simple, so the graphics of the game do not have much to say. However, not so that your artwork gets worse. When designed and sprayed, the paintings will become incredibly perfect and beautiful.

MOD APK version of Cut and Paint

The MOD APK version of Cut and Paint will bring a large amount of money to the players. They can easily unlock the paint set from a convenience store. Moreover, you can also use the money to unlock more wood and newer paint sprayers.

MOD feature

  • Unlimited money: Use it to spend and unlock without worrying about running out of money.


Above are some reviews through our experience process. If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming an artist with drawings, Cut and Paint are probably for you. Currently, the application is being released for free on the Google Play app store. However, the Cut and Paint MOD APK version will not be officially released. Players need to install it manually by downloading the APK file we provide. Select a link and click the Download button.

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