Publisher:Sumzap, Inc.
Latest Version:1.5.0
MOD Info:DMG/Defense Multiplier
Requires:Android 8.0+
Last Updated:31/10/2021 (3 months ago)
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MOD info
MOD Menu:
– Damage Multiplier
– Defense Multiplier

D_CIDE TRAUMEREI MOD APK has stirred up the fans of the fighting role-playing game with its sharp images and beautiful graphics like an anime movie. If you are a lover of games of this genre, you definitely cannot miss the super product D_CIDE TRAUMEREI.



D_CIDE TRAUMEREI is a project released by Sumzap, Inc. This is a game adapted from the anime with the same background and plot. Coming to D_CIDE TRAUMEREI, you will become a brave warrior, fight the nightmares and keep the city at peace.

Japanese-style background

The main setting of D_CIDE TRAUMEREI is set in a land southeast of Tokyo – Yurajima. This land used to be very famous as a tourist destination because of its peaceful, rural setting with a fresh nostalgic summer. Tourists love coming to Yurajima because they can get away from the hustle and bustle of big cities and have a relaxing time here. But then all good things did not last too long, the appearance of nightmares turned this beautiful land into terror with a series of strange incidents.

Become a brave warrior


Join D_CIDE TRAUMEREI, you will transform into the male lead – Koken Rando. He was originally just an ordinary person, but one day he suddenly awakened a special ability. Having this ability, he has the ability to see as well as fight nightmares. These nightmares are generated from the host’s negative energy and thoughts and gradually grow, controlling and eating away at the host’s physical and mental health. Koken Rando’s mission is to destroy those nightmares and help those people return to normal.

Not only having to fight wandering nightmares, but Koken Rando’s target is also his biggest enemy – Weird. He is an evil variant that has eaten away from Troimerai. He is very different from other nightmares, possessing great strength as well as having a very cunning mind. There were a lot of incidents that happened in Yurajima because of his involvement. It can be said that if Koken Rando kills Weird, what happened here can also stop.

Fierce battles


D_CIDE TRAUMEREI is primarily tactical turn-based combat. You will control a character and engage in battle with nightmares. In the match, the character will be able to use 3 skills to fight the enemy. From 1 to 3 opponents can appear in the match. Of course, their power is also different, can be equal or in ascending order. Because this is a turn-based fighting game, you need to have a strategy to best fight and avoid attacks from your opponent.

To become stronger, you must regularly take your character to fight with monsters. For each victory round you will receive more experience points. Use that point to level up your character, helping them learn new skills and become stronger.

Rich character inventory

D_CIDE TRAUMEREI allows you to play with up to 18 different characters. Each character has its own abilities and characteristics. Initially, you will only be able to control Koken Rando, but as the story gradually unfolds, you will also be exposed and meet more characters. Each character has their own story, discovering the side stories of the characters is also the key to solving the mysteries of this bizarre city.


If not fighting, you can control Koken Rando to walk around the island and enjoy chatting with other characters. This will help you not only understand more about those characters but also help their relationship with Koken Rando become stronger.

Beautiful graphics

Games released by Japanese studios do not seem to need to talk about graphics issues. D_CIDE TRAUMEREI is designed as a fanciful anime film, the emotional plot takes players from one emotion to another. The battles with cold tones of mainly black, white, and gray highlight the harshness and horror, like being trapped in an unending dream. In addition, the character design is really a highlight to attract players of D_CIDE TRAUMEREI. The characters are meticulously designed, each with their own style, especially the female characters who look very beautiful.

The sound in D_CIDE TRAUMEREI MOD APK is also very appreciated. The game even has a theme song titled “View of Life”.

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