Latest Version:1.27.1
MOD Info:Unlimited Mana/ DMG
Requires:Android 5.0+
Last Updated:11/09/2021 (4 months ago)
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Darkfire Heroes MOD APK is an RPG game that takes players on endless adventures, you will have to fight with enemies throughout the journey to overcome the available challenges.

About Darkfire Heroes MOD APK

Darkfire Heroes is designed and developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation. This is a famous publisher in the game market today with the legendary Angry Birds series. So, you can be completely assured of the interesting features that this game brings during the experience.

Join Darkfire Heroes, players become ingenious leaders. Specifically, you will lead a team of up to 5 heroes and help them destroy all the enemies who dare to stand in their way. This is a long battle, so prepare yourself well before deciding to join.

Fight with the devil

Why the devil? Because players will transform into warriors representing justice and the devil is your only enemy during the experience of Darkfire Heroes. The devil is not just an animal but an army of different races. The safety of the world will be at stake if you do not act now.

The main task of the player in Darkfire Heroes is to demonstrate his leadership ability to help the warriors always reach their best strength. Sometimes you need to cast magic by tapping the icon on the right. Besides, you can also use special attacks to protect the peace in this game.

Collect powerful heroes

The hero system in Darkfire Heroes is quite diverse, with more than 75 heroes belonging to 6 different factions promising to help players choose easily. Owning more heroes in the squad will help you increase your win rate in each battle. This game offers many different character classes such as witch, archer, mage, knight, assassin. Make the right combination to get the highest power.

Each hero will have their own strengths and weaknesses, so you can customize your team to fit your own play style. In addition, new hero cards will appear randomly after each battle to make it easier for players to collect.

Game mode

The campaign mode in Darkfire Heroes is quite diverse with many challenges for players. Every time you pass a certain location, you will come to a new place to continue to conquer new levels. There are more than 100 levels and 10 different locations waiting for you to explore in this game.

Especially at the end of each campaign, players will have to face powerful Bosses if they want to continue the journey. The monsters in the game are built with extremely interesting and scary images. For example, they are giant spiders, fire dragons, horned demons, fire wolves, and many others. If you bravely defeat them, you will receive extremely valuable trophies to increase the strength of your squad.

PvP Arena

Not only owning the regular campaign mode, but Darkfire Heroes also brings the PvP arena – where players around the world can compete against each other to find the strongest. Every week there will be annual tournaments, you should participate to have a chance to win valuable clan chests after each battle. In addition, the PvP arena will help players learn strategies, share new tactics for the growing community of players.

Great graphics quality

It can be seen that the graphics of Darkfire Heroes are not inferior to any game of the same genre on the game market today. The details in the game are shown in a familiar cartoon style, simple, fun but no less competitive. The combat effects are also portrayed extremely successfully, through which players will feel the smooth and colorful battle.

Besides, the background music effect and the sound emitted during the battle is also a valuable plus point of this game. Overall, Darkfire Heroes has really great graphics and sound and nothing to complain about.

Darkfire Heroes MOD APK version

The MOD version of Darkfire Heroes that iGameHot provides gives you a lot of gold and advanced features such as Dmd Multiple or Defense, unlimited mana. Download Darkfire Heroes MOD for Android and experience it.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited mana.
  • Increase damage.
  • Increases defense stats.


With the above highlights, Darkfire Heroes is really an excellent mobile role-playing game. In the game, you can comfortably play vertically with one hand without having too many control obstacles. Do not forget to regularly create new tactics to not be caught by the opponent, thereby increasing the victory rate in the battle.

Download Darkfire Heroes MOD APK (Unlimited Mana/ DMG) for Android

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