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About DAVx⁵ APK

Organize and tackle your work more efficiently with DAVx⁵ APK (Paid). This is a product of the publisher bitfire web engineering for users who are having trouble working on their mobile devices. For example, you have a lot of appointments, but manually taking notes on the appointment makes you forget the time or even who the appointment is with. Unable to separate family contacts from work contacts takes a long time in the search process. The appearance of this application will make all those difficulties disappear. Everything runs smoothly, automatically, and reduces the rate of confusion. To date, DAVx⁵ has hundreds of thousands of downloads on the Google Play Store, and the number continues to grow. I bet it meets your expectations.

Integrate calendars and to-dos

Instead of having to look at the calendar and record the date on a separate item, DAVx⁵ helps you combine these two items together. That means you can add specific hourly to-do tasks on calendar days. It is like an electronic timetable and breaks down the details into hourly, day by day. The good thing about it compared to a manual task notebook is that it will remind you. When users allow the application to notify, when it is close to the time for meetings and appointments, notifications will be sent to you. The content appears right on the lock screen so you know what you need to do next.

Adjust contact list

DAVx⁵’s contact manager allows users to clearly categorize callers as family, friends and partners. During working hours, users should completely focus and increase the priority of the contacts of bosses and partners. Distinguishing by unique identifiers helps you reduce the time it takes to find the contact you need. Block unnecessary advertising calls, spam calls. Automatically back up your entire contact list, so if you accidentally delete a contact, you still have a chance to restore it.

User-friendly application interface

DAVx⁵ is designed with the main color is light, white background combined with eye-catching green. Feature sections are clearly divided, under the name of each feature there is a note line to show more specific content of that feature. Therefore, it is easy for users to understand the function and it does not take much time to synchronize contacts, calendar (CalDAV) and tasks (VTODO via CalDAV). All gathered in a single application, fast and convenient.

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