Day R Premium MOD APK 1.693 (Caps/Covers/Free Caft)

Last updated: 30/07/2021 (2 months ago)

Latest Version1.693
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Day R Premium MOD APK is an action role-playing game for sale for $2.99 on the Google Play app store. Download the APK file we provide to experience this game for free on all Android devices.

The earth is in a tight post-war scene. When humans are gradually going extinct because of the radioactive air, mutated monsters,… Transform into a lucky person who survived the disaster and continues to rebuild the blue planet. What are you waiting for without downloading this game right away from our links below?

Introducing Day R Premium MOD APK

Currently, the role-playing games for survival are no longer too strange to gamers. But thanks to exciting new features and a tight and engaging storyline, Day R Premium has a firm foothold in the mobile gaming industry. In addition, the huge amount of items and diverse missions help players not get bored during the experience


And the late 80s of the 20th century, when the world nuclear war was coming to an end. Although it is over, the consequences of nuclear war cannot be overcome. The flora and fauna were severely damaged, most of them went extinct. Some of the survivors become radioactive and become irrational zombies. Only a few species of plants can thrive because they adapt to a radioactive environment. The human race is almost extinct, with only a few groups left remaining in the Soviet Union. The fight against nature, mutant monsters, zombies,… to survive also officially begins with the luckiest people on the planet.


Players will transform into a lucky person who survived the nuclear war disaster. Even though you have weathered a disaster, that doesn’t mean you will be safe forever. Right now is death waiting at any moment. You must survive the reality of lack of food, clean water,… In addition, you must fight against hungry zombies that specialize in cannibals, diseases and strange mutant creatures. The most important thing to do is to find food to stay healthy. Then move to other places to collect materials to make weapons, armor,… The game will give you a smithy, where you can craft anything, from weapons to food, medicine,… You can even build a biology lab from which to research biological weapons against radioactive monsters.

Team mode

In the process of traveling through the lands to collect materials to make basic necessities, you can meet survivors like you and team up with them. Each person on the team can move to new locations together or split up to different locations to collect materials. You can also share items with other team members and vice versa.


Honestly, Day R Premium’s graphics are not too excellent, but this is also an advantage to help the game be light-weight and not fussy about the device. Almost every Android phone with version 4 or higher will play smoothly.

MOD APK version of Day R Premium

MOD features

Lots of covers and item.
Use hats even when there is not enough.

Download Day R Premium MOD APK for Android

A new, unique survival game that unleashes your creativity. What are you waiting for without immediately downloading Day R Premium MOD APK to your SmartPhone

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