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About DC Heroes & Villains

Play as your favorite DC hero to stop all bad guys in the game called DC Heroes & Villains. Since this game has combat-related content, it is recommended for ages 7 and up. Anyone who loves DC superhero movies can’t miss it. Publisher Ludia Inc. Recreate the image of the characters completely based on the original, including their superpowers. Players have the right to choose the character they will play, combine their talents with your flexible combat to complete the mission. The mission system is constantly updated, you have to face many enemies, not boringly repetitive. Surely your leisure time will be comfortable when participating in this game.

Diverse character system

DC Heroes & Villains has up to 30 characters with famous names like Batman, Superman, Harley Queen, Wonder Woman, etc. If you’ve seen movies about these heroic characters, you’re no stranger to the power they have. However, this game will split into different moves to better suit the feature buttons. It can still combine multiple actions at the same time, as long as the ability has reached a sufficient cooldown. You will gradually get used to the manipulations to both move and launch moves to make the enemy unable to react.

Exciting quest chain

Participating in this game, players are introduced to familiar scenes in the movies, along with enemy characters built to resemble the prototype. Not every mission is just a boss fight, there are even missions that require you to retrieve an item or solve a mystery. Every task given to you has its own meaning. Make the player feel like immersed in this world, really immersed in the character. Do your best to complete the task on time.

Attractive graphics and sound

Graphics of DC Heroes & Villains are designed with realistic 3D drawings. Despite the high-resolution animation, every movement during combat is very smooth. The sound element is also an indispensable part to make the appeal of this game. Background music with a fast speed like urging players to fight, every move is accompanied by sound effects to make it more vivid. Graphics combined with sound create a distinct highlight for this exciting action role-playing game.

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