Dead by Daylight Mobile APK 5.2.0018

Name:Dead by Daylight Mobile
Publisher:Behaviour Interactive
Latest Version:5.2.0018
MOD Info:APK Only
Requires:Android 7.0+
Last Updated:25/11/2021 (3 days ago)
Get it on:Google Play Link

Dead by Daylight Mobile APK is a mobile game version adapted from the horror game of the same name on PC and Nintendo Switch from developer Behavior Interactive. Before downloading the APK version via the link below, let me learn a few interesting things about the most popular horror game in the past few years.

Introducing Dead by Daylight Mobile

Launched to the community in 2016, Dead by Daylight has become one of the most attractive horror games thanks to its unique, scary gameplay. The game has successfully created a wave of horror gaming among gamers around the world. To suit the tastes, the publisher has decided to launch the Dead by Daylight Mobile version that can be played on mobile phones. With bold, bloody horror, the game is requested only for people aged 17 and over.


Dead by Daylight Mobile APK

Dead by Daylight Mobile is a combination of many different factors including survival, adventure, finding tactics to deceive murderers. Dead by Daylight Mobile is played as 1vs4 online. In which the game will select one person at random as the killer, the others will play the survivor, trying to escape from the murderer’s pursuit.

The only way to win is to fix and start the five generators located in random locations on the map. When the generator is repaired, it will open the door of the village and save you from this terrifying nightmare.

Escape from pursuit

To do that, you must distract the killer and join the other players on the quest. Even though the killer’s vision isn’t that great, but in return, he can sense where you are. In addition, he also has a lot of ways to approach you in surprise. Once the victim falls into his hands, they will be hung upside down in dark places until dying from exhaustion. You can save your teammates and help them recover before it’s too late. However, act very carefully if you do not want to fall into the hands of the killer.

Dead by Daylight Mobile APK

Cooperation for survival

The survivors cannot attack the killer, but can only use certain objects such as flashlights, sticks that stun him for a few seconds. Running with him is also a bad idea because the killer has a remarkable weapon and strength. So there is only one way to win, which is to work together to complete the task as quickly as possible. Statistically, players who are able to coordinate well with a meticulous strategy tend to have a higher survival rate. But be careful not to gather too many people in the same area, this is easy to get attention.


Dead by Daylight Mobile graphics

One of the factors that helps Dead by Daylight Mobile maintain its position over the years is the extremely realistic 3D graphics, bringing fear of obsession for players. From the context, the characters are developed using Unreal Engine 4 graphics technology, cleverly bringing players into the perspective of the characters. Meet familiar murderous characters infamous horror movies such as The Nightmare, The Trapper, The Ghost Face (Scream),… However, because of the quality graphics, Dead by Daylight requires the equipment of You must be highly configurable to experience the game smoothly.

Install Dead by Daylight APK + OBB

To install Dead by Daylight Mobile APK, you need to follow some steps below.

  1. Download APK + OBB files below this article.
  2. Unzip the OBB file and move it to the Android/Obb folder.
  3. Proceed to install the APK.
  4. Open and experience the game.

Download game Dead by Daylight Mobile APK for Android

Overall, Dead by Daylight Mobile APK is an indispensable game for horror fanatics. With online gameplay, you can invite friends or family to experience it together in moments of rest.

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